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Withdraw Bitcoin Cash in Peru

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1 month ago

I see many facilities to withdraw cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash in North America and Europe. Even debit cards like those of the Binance exchange can only be purchased in Europe.

Crypto USB can be expensive for a crypto newbie.

Binance has the option to deposit via bank from Peru, but does not have the Withdrawal option available

In Peru, being able to have cash from cryptocurrencies is few and sometimes you have to pay a lot of commissions, for example.

- Sell in forums by paypal through Forobeta

- Use cryptocurrencies to buy directly in stores that accept bitcoin cash and other coins.

For me, the easiest is using ExchangerPeru, a Fintech professional, where I can exchange my Bitcoin Cash to the company's wallet and they deposit me directly into my bank account.

Peruvian banks are still not familiar with and have little confidence in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Binance coin or Bitcoin due to their volatility (I think that now cryptocurrencies are more stable than 3 years ago)

Currently 1 US dollar is equivalent to 4.13 soles, this is good for those who wish to withdraw their profits, although I learned that the best option will always be to Hold.

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1 month ago
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