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Tips from an eternal cryptocurrency apprentice:

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- DeFi is a vast world

- Always check the wallets and sites where you are sending tokens as all transactions are irreversible

- There are many 'black holes' that seem cool platforms but then they are only designed to swallow the liquidity

- With respect to learning new concepts that have been introduced, you are on the right track learning about blockchain and wallets

- Read the bitcoin whitepaper (Spanish version)

- Being clear about what is being done at all times in the DeFi is important

- Watch with Airdrop projects or with excessive APR

- Contrast the team behind each project, its foundations and if their profiles are publicly and they are real.

- There are some semi-anonymous projects that are fine but always check that they have a good custodian structure of the assets (DAO, lock time, proven reputation (REALLY), etc ... where the creator simply cannot run with funds)

- Take into account projects with innovations in parallel block chains (side chains), layer 2 scalability improvements, some while maintaining layer one security (PoW).

In Read.Cash you learn a lot from users as in other communities such as DeFi Lab or similar, go to them when you have doubts and make use of collective intelligence when you see a doubtful situation before messing it up ... I think it happens to us everyone sometime !!

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