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What are the perks of a travel writer?

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2 months ago
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Before you get to know the perks of a travel writer, first off...

How did I start travel blogging?

I've been blogging back in college using the Blogger platform but I started travel blogging in 2013. I decided to set up my own domain name that is or

I had an old digital camera because I wanted to pursue photography. I was just traveling around Cebu like going to Bantayan Island, Camotes Island, and Malapascua Island. I've also been to the north and south of Cebu. Since I love to write, I started a travel blog.

What are the perks of a travel writer?

To be a travel blogger or a travel writer, you need to write informative articles for your readers. The more you write helpful write-ups, the more people will visit and read your blog. The more traffic to your website, the better. Make sure to use a helpful keyword in the title. You also need to share your articles on your social media and with other travelers who are interested in a destination you've been to.

If you're an established writer or blogger, companies contact you in exchange for promoting their services. If you're part of a blogging group or community or organization, this is also great to network with other writers.

These are the perks I have experienced as a travel writer or a travel blogger

Free accommodation

Guesthouses or hostel owners give you free accommodation in exchange for promoting them on your blog and on your social media. There are some that give you one day or three days of free accommodation.

In a nice accommodation, some will actually pamper you with free breakfast. It is included already. You're lucky if they will add more perks during your stay.

Free tours

I choose tours that I really like and it's based on my taste in adventure. A few companies just send me an email if I am interested to do this tour with them and I blog about it.

There was also a time when I just joined a tour in El Nido, Palawan. I asked the person in the reception if they give discounts to travel bloggers. Good thing I asked.

So yes, you can get tours for free or for a discount. Just don't be afraid to ask if you are confident that you have established yourself as a writer.

These are just the basic two perks of being a travel blogger. I still haven't mentioned the other perks based on my personal experience.

Can you actually do a living as a travel writer?

If you do this full-time as a travel writer, I am not sure. Unless a company asks you to be their ambassador or do a travel show, that would be awesome.

But I am not doing this as a full-time job. I do travel writing or travel blogging for fun because I love to travel and I love to share my travel stories with anybody. Maybe you can learn or two from my travel mishaps and misadventures.

Can you actually earn as a travel writer?

Well, if you're a famous travel writer with big followers, yes, you can actually earn as a travel writer.

Can you earn on your blog?

Yes, it's possible. When there is sponsorship. Some companies ask you to put a sponsored link on your website and it depends on your contract how long it stays on the front page of the website.

There's also a sponsored article where a company asks you to publish their written article in your blog. No-fuss on writing, just publish it and accept the payment.

A paid written article is a company that asks you to do copywriting for them either to publish it on their own website or social media, or they request you to publish it on your own website. The pay is better on this one.

You can also earn on affiliate links. When your niche is about travel, then find a travel agency or company that has a website where a guest can book a tour with them. Usually, they have a program for affiliates.

When you personally experience the tour, you can write your experience on the blog and share the affiliate links of the tours you booked with them.

My thoughts on this?

I am writing this as a hobbyist travel writer/travel blogger. You can actually do this part-time. I was a digital nomad in my past life so being a travel writer and a frequent traveler was an advantage.

Why Thailand is the best place for digital nomads?

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Written by   118
2 months ago
Topics: Travel, Writing
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Its a sign of self love by exposing yourself in different places.

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2 months ago

Yes and different cultures

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2 months ago

Travel,mao jud diay akong dream nga murag lisod jud mahitabo😅Ka nice ana sis oy ,daghang lugar makaadtoan.

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2 months ago

Puhon laag bisag within pinas lang

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2 months ago