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My Journey!

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1 year ago

Hiiiiiii! It's me again. 💛

It's 20th day of January, 2021 when my friend introduced me to! At first, I'm not aware of it and that I only know

It is when she asked me if I already have a account.

She guide me on how to use this platform and then, I started posting and subscribing to other users that very same day. Ever since I started using it, it already catches my attention. I regularly post something that are inspirational and will motivate other users in their respective lives! And, it really made me really really happy when I got my first tip in coming from other user. Then, my friend encouraged me even more to post more often!

I told that friend of mine about the first tip that I had received.

Since that I got aware of the existence of, I seems to be inactive in! Yes, I do still published articles but not that much and not as often as my first day of using It just shows that really do catches my attention rather than the other blogging platform. I do post regularly in which I'll start after I pray in the mornings and ends up when I'm already sleepy. Posting and inspiring in gives me happiness asideffom the fact that I earn BCH and gain numbers of subscribers.


Until, I had met some problems in opening my account! It is when it had it's recent upgrade. After that upgrade, I can't load my feeds, wall, and notifications anymore. And, it saddens and made me worried.

Due to this, I became inactive over a week. Unlike before that I post regularly, this time, I can just post if I get a chance to borrow a phone at home, which is not that often. There were also a time that I am not able to posts even a single one on my account. Before, I can earn nearly PhP 50 or more in just a day. But when I had this difficulty, I just get earnings of PhP 10 or even lower than this. And, it's not good in the feeling.

So, I had decided to install another browsing application on my phone aside from having Chrome application. As I think that maybe it is because of my web browser and not with my internet connection.

And, tadaaaaaa! I can now open my account freely, post regularly, and inspire more often! I also be able to bring back my earnings from how it looks like before. ✨

Hope that I won't met another difficult or problem like this anymore! 🤞

Disclaimer: Lead image not mine! Ctto.

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Written by   6
1 year ago
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