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Descriminated By The Relatives Because of Financial Reasons

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1 year ago

Hiiiiiii! So, here I am again. By the time way, I'm @imafutureagrcltrst and most of my articles are about life itself. This time I would like to share some things about our lives and here it goesss.

We, humans doesn't have the same status in life. There are people who have golden spoon on their mouths since they was introduced to this world and many people doesn't have this kind of priveledge in life. And, me and our family belongs to the second one. But, people living in a kind of life mentioned on the first one are either of two types. The grateful and the greedy one. The grateful ones shares the blessings they have and the greedy one doesn't want to share even a single bit of their so-called 'wealth!' Instead, they want to have anything that are meant for other people. And, it's not a good thing to be happy with.

In my twenty years of existence, I spend half of it believing that our relatives are good enough to be trusted. But as I aged, I got to see their real colors and characteristics.

Me, living from a poor family experienced descrimination from our relatives. Why? Simply because we don't have the same wealth as they have, the same amount of money that they have in their pockets, and the kin of life that they have right now. Yes, they owned numbers of properties, having a thousands or even hundred thousands in their bank accounts, handling a business, and having cars and expensive motorcycle vehicles. But, we don't get envious of it! Why? Yes, they are rich but they're not happy. They were living life to the fullest but the truth is, they're not happy.

After our grandfather died because of sickness, her two sisters immediately shows their real colors. They are greedy and as time passes by, they started to descriminate us especially my parents because they don't finished their studies and with the fact that my Mom got me when she was just fifteen and introduced me to this world when she's sixteen.

Before, my Mom don't talk back at them as she still respects her Aunt's. But, as time passes by and their attitudes got worsen, my Mom begins to talk back and fight them. At the beginning, she just use words but now? She fights back. Me, as a person whose studying, I don't do it. I won't stoop down on what kind of person my Mom's Aunt's was.

There were also a time that I cried in my interview for my scholarship and the director of the company was the one who interviewed us. Why? Because I shared what we are experiencing in the hands of our own relatives. I don't get shy as it was the truth. Because of that, the director itself goes to our house before she go back in Manila. In that matter, I know that I will surely get in in the scholarship program of their company. I used that opportunity to even strive and do better.

Everytime that we tends to have fight with them, I always say to my Mom that she has a wider understanding than them despite that her Aunts has also attain high education. As of that, I put in my mind that "education won't make a person understanding, we humans will make ourselves understanding!"

Before, I used to respect them even just a little. But, because of what they did and doing on my family? That respect reduce and reduce until I don't feel any respect on them. It was really true that "respect can also be given to another people who also respects us!"

As a matter of fact, they are also my inspiration to do better and strive in my studies. So that I could keep my family away from this place and away from them as they are not a good people to interact with!

As of now, we don't look at them us our relatives but just a neighbor who we don't interact with. A real relative won't do this kind of things to their own flesh and blood if they really a true relatives. A relative should have a kind of bond that money nor wealth can't cut! A real relatives will accept and treat one another in a good way without looking at their wealth or status in life! But sometimes, money is thicker than blood. And, we should stop this stigma. 💛

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Written by   6
1 year ago
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