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In the depths of Bandarban: Devta hill trekking and Amiakhum trek

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Sanjeev Chandra Chattopadhyay said, "Bengalis are in the habit of just looking at the field, they are happy to see a small mound of soil." Really! The people of Bengal are accustomed to being on the plains. It goes without saying that small mountains will bring great joy to their minds. That's why people who are thirsty for travel repeatedly run to the small hillside. If you are a mountain lover then Bandarban may be the best place. Aragona with wide green hills and white clouds on the horizon has made Bandarban the most attractive tourist district of the country. However, you can enjoy the real beauty of Bandarban only if you think that the influence of the explorer is more than the tourist. You can go to the depths of Bandarban to meet the food of your adventurer mind without any hesitation. You can be sure that you will be fascinated by the rugged mountain paths and the diverse culture of the inhabitants. And let's not delay, let's turn around from the hilly path of Bandarban.

The raft of white clouds on the green chest

There are many tourist attractions in Bandarban. Susan has no choice but to ride on a raft of white clouds in the heart of the green hills. If you want to get a taste of the thrill, you have to go to the depths of the mountains of Bandarban. Remake-Nafakhum-Amiyakhum route trekking can get the real proximity of nature. For this, you first have to go to Thanachi Upazila of Bandarban. Thanchi is a border of Upazila of Bangladesh, about 70 km from the main city of Bandarban. You have to start the journey from Bandarban city by local moon car or jeep.

Enjoying the nature of Bandarban started in Chander's car. It is not possible to express in words the insanity that the sheet of white clouds on the green chest creates in the mind of the tourist when the jeep is running along the winding road. At the end of the 3-hour moon car journey, you can reach Thanchi Bazaar. This is where your main campaign begins. You have to enroll in the BGB camp and get permission for mountain trekking. Let me say here the hilly roads but really inaccessible. So a local guide must be taken along for this route trip. Travel without a guide is not allowed. The local hill tribes work as guides. Their manners and hospitality are very different from those of the people on the plains. Almost all of them are quite friendly and friendly as human beings.

Guide garland photos

The tour of the Sangu river started by boat with a guide from the Thanchi market. A small boat will take you to Remakri Falls. Then began the walking expedition. The trekking started along the Sanger tributary towards Thuisapara. At the end of a day's trek, we reach the small hilly village of Thuisa Para in the evening. At the end of the day's trek, the tired and exhausted body lay down in the hilly terrace of Bam Para. Before that, however, the work of filling the stomach was done with the help of Zum's rice and mountain chicken. As well as the mental preparation for the next day begins. Preparations to descend the inaccessible god hill and observe the beauty of Amiakhum.

The most dangerous hill on the Amiyakhum route is the Devata hill. This route is actually the main attraction for adventurous tourists for trekking this very steep hill. Trekking in Devta hill is quite dangerous as it is terribly steep, slippery, rough, and crumbly. So the gods have to be very careful while trekking the mountains. If you are afraid of heights, it is better not to go to the mountain. However, it can also be a good way to overcome fear. It takes about an hour to go down the hill along the path shown by the guide.

Perhaps the most important thing in mountain trekking is morale. It must be said that the challenge of the 'terribly beautiful' nature around is quite exciting. However, for the convenience of tourists, protection measures have now been made with bamboo in some risky parts of Devta hill. Yet, the danger of the mountain of the gods did not diminish in any part of it. In the middle of the trek, it is difficult to find a comparison between the sudden steep cliffs in front that will create a feeling of melancholy joy in the mind of the tourist. Terribly beautiful to say the same! But, if there is trouble in the words, Kest matches. If the mountain of gods is in trouble, then its crest is Amiyakhum waterfall. Nature has prepared for you the most beautiful waterfall in the country at the end of the perilous and thrilling expedition to the god mountain!

Amiakhum Falls

Amiakhum is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. It is not possible to express in words the enchanting atmosphere created when the white foam water flowing through the chest of the rocky river falls on the chest of the big rock to meet the whim of gravity. The waters of Amiyakhum will leave a mark on the mind of any tourist. It is as if nature has created this waterfall by pouring out all its beauty.

The beauty of the waterfall as well as the environment around Mohaniya. The primitive insanity created by the sound of waterfalls in the hilly wild environment can be spent hours and hours intoxicated. Tourists visit Amiyakhum Falls with all their amazement. The tiredness of trekking on the hilly road and the steep descent of the steep gods disappear in an instant when the clear white water of Amiakhum catches the eye. In fact, the beauty of Amiakhum cannot be felt in words or in pictures. Sitting on the rocks of the waterfall and spending some time in the murmur of water, you can only understand how beautiful nature is!

Translations into Assamese

After trekking down Devta hill, one can go to Velakhum and Satbhai Khum besides Amiyakhum. The deity is descended from the hill to the right on a bamboo raft and goes a little further in a calm, serene environment. There is also a waterfall here. And on the left side of the Devta hill, Amiyakhum is climbed, and Satbhai Khum is further. All in all, small and big stones and clear water can give you a great taste. And at the same time, you will get the culture of the diversified life of the local hills as a bonus.

This hill district in the south of the country is waiting for a golden opportunity to get lost in the indigenous countryside far away from the mechanics of the city. If you travel in the very last week of the year, you will also get some tribal festivals. You can also take part in the Christmas festivities if you are lucky. Nature is giving you a hand for enjoying the varied mountain life and exploring the green rocky mountains. Are you ready

Hill scaffolding house

Indigenous children
With indigenous peoples

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