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As many fake cities hidden inside China

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1 year ago
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We are all familiar with the word "Made in China". The Chinese market is involved with the markets of almost all countries in the world. There is nothing that the Chinese people can't make, we hear all the time. Almost as soon as a genuine product comes on the market, its counterfeit product spreads in the market with the tag "Made in China". Is China just forging products? If I say they are able to imitate an entire city or an entire continent! No, not wrong. It has become a child's play for China to imitate the whole of Europe.

From the Eiffel Tower to the Tower Bridge in London, the Pyramids of the Louvre Museum, the Opera House in Singapore, and even the Statue of Liberty in the United States! China has made the entire city of Venice, filled with canals, its own. He has even built a small wall like the one in his own country to attract visitors. It is difficult to find an accurate estimate of the total number of cities they have copied. They have done all this to attract visitors and tourists. However, there are some fakes in it which are not to be mentioned separately. Today I will tell you some stories of such fake cities.

The original Eiffel Tower on the left and the duplicate on the right;

Zhejiang aka Paris is the city of love in China

When you hear about the city of love, Paris, the first thing that comes to mind is the Eiffel Tower. China has reduced the original Eiffel Tower to a height of 300 meters and brought it to only 108 meters! Not only the Eiffel Tower, but also the Champs Elysেসes Road, famous for its theaters and cafes in Paris, has been named after Jiange Road. All this you will find in Zhejiang city of China. When you go to the city, you will feel as if you have moved to a small Paris. This city is mainly used for farming. Launched in 2007, the Paris project is now a major tourist attraction. After getting married, the couple moved straight to the city to take pictures. Who does not want to leave a memory of their love in the city of love!

Champs Ilses Road is exactly the Jiangxi Road;

Tower Bridge in London with four pillars

We all know about the 213 feet high Tower Bridge over the River Thames in London. Working from 1886 AD to 1894 AD, it was opened to all. What if two tower bridges could be erected side by side? Although I was surprised at first to see the two tower bridges side by side, the fake one is not at all close to the original one at work. This tower bridge of China stands on the river Suzhou of China with four pillars 131 feet high. Although not as accessible as the Tower Bridge in London, the bridge, which opened in 2017, is now a major tourist attraction.

China's Tower Bridge with four pillars in place of the two;

Venice is now in Dalian

Who doesn't love to sail in Venice, a city of more than 100 islands! This whole city full of canals has been built by China in Dalian like their own! They did not stop by copying only one or two old buildings. The 4 km long canal has been cut and 200 ancient buildings have been built on it, all of which you will find all over the original Venice. Opened in 2016, this fake Venice allows you to enjoy city travel by boat just like the real Venice. It cost China about 781 million to turn the whole of Dalian into Venice.

Don't be mistaken for Venice, the place is in China;

From the Colosseum of War to the Colosseum of Gambling

It is really difficult to find people who do not know about the Colosseum in Rome. Opened in 80 AD, this historic site was used by gladiators for war performances and other sports. At present, of course, it is only a place of interest. There is a Colosseum in Macau, China. However, it is not used in sports. Once inside, you will see rows and rows of shopping malls and casinos.

When making fake coliseum in China;

The Second Great Wall of China

It was just a matter of copying the outside world. What else to say if you imitate the tradition of your own country! We all know about the Great Wall that was built on the hills of several provinces in the north of China between 220 BC and 206 BC. The actual length of this Great Wall is around 9000 kilometers. The city of Nanchang in central China has shortened this 9,000 kilometers to just 4 kilometers for visitors! Where the actual Great Wall is made of completely natural stone, this imitation wall of Nanchang city is made of man-made stone. However, the attraction of visitors to this fake wall has not diminished. On the contrary, almost everyone who came to visit it thought it was the real Great Wall!

Let's turn to the fake Great Wall;

Giza is the famous treasurer

You must have heard of the famous treasury statue on the banks of the Nile River in Egypt. It was imitated and placed in a park in Xijiazhong, China in 2014. When the news of the statue reached Cairo, they immediately informed UNESCO. This fake statue was an insult to the 4,000-year-old historic statue of Giza. When Cairo asked China to take it down, China said it was made for a shooting. Later, until 2016, the park authorities removed only the head of the fake statue. The rest of the statue was not touched. Recently, visitors to the park noticed that the head of the fake statue was being reattached. When the news reached the Cairo authorities, they requested the Chinese Foreign Ministry to take action.

The place is called China;

Shaping Park, Chongqing

Ever wondered if Mount Rushmore, built in memory of 4 great American leaders, could be seen outside of South Dakota? Not just Mount Rushmore. If you want, you can also see the Statue of Liberty presented to America by France! You can find these at Shaping Park in Chongqing. Although they are small in size to attract visitors, they are actually made in the United States. They were dedicated to the United States to support China in the Second Sino-Japanese War, which lasted from 1937 to 1945.

Mount Rushmore, China;

In this shaping park you will only see the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore. Here you will find the Leaning Temple of Pisa, the Opera House in Singapore and other famous sights.

All of these are made to attract Chinese visitors. While this may seem like a lot of stealing, it is clear that China has the power to recreate any civilization in any country in the world if it wants to. If we look at the work as an industry without seeing it as theft, then the selfishness of such work can be found. A few places are mentioned in this article. There is no telling how many more places you can find on the Internet!

Thanks for reading this article for so long.

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Written by   73
1 year ago
Topics: Travel, Story
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That was very funny everything was copied from Paris. I watched a video of it from the famous YouTuber and influencer and the good thing about is the food and souvenir are inexpensive, nice one China 😂

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1 year ago

You wrote a wonderful article about how many fake cities are hidden inside China and shared it with us. You have shed light on many important issues. Thank you.

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1 year ago