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SevenPlus Coin Revolutionizes the Textile Industry With Blockchain

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The majority of people today wear clothes to cover their bodies. Clothing allows people to avoid heat and cold. Clothing is a very general basic need which we all require to survive. Because of the large people's need for clothing, the textile is a potential industry for now. This can be seen from the growth of this industry from time to time. According to reports, the global textile industry was estimated to be around USD 920 billion in 2018 and increased to USD 1,230 billion by 2024. This shows that this industry is very large and potential.

But what if the textile industry is combined with blockchain technology? This is what the SevenPlus Coin platform does. The SevenPlus Coin platform wants to revolutionize the textile industry and make it more modern with blockchain technology.

SevenPlus Coin: An Industry-level Public Blockchain That Will Revolutionize Textile Industry

SevenPlus Coin is a platform that wants to revolutionize the textile industry with blockchain technology. This is a project developed by PENN ASIA, a company that responds to current market conditions and wants to present an innovative service by combining blockchain technology into the supply chain process of its COVID-19 medical textile materials.

PENN ASIA is a subsidiary of Yeh Group, a company that has 25 years of experience in producing intimate apparel and sportswear for the global market. Yeh Group is located in Thailand, 35 Km from Bangkok, and has 1000 employees. Responding to market demand, Yeh Group intends to present a product for Covid-19, with the name "Novel", which is highly protective textile materials with biological and chemical protection. However, Yeh Group realizes that the supply chain process of the health system is very limited, therefore Yeh Group intends to develop 7PLUS COIN to improve the healthcare supply chain management and tracking process of moving COVID-19 medical textile. With 7PLUS COIN, Yeh Group can also solve problems related to payments. 7PLUS COIN will serve as a payment that will enhance and promote seamless transactions between the Yeh Group and other partners/stakeholders.

SevenPlus Coin Features

SevenPlus Coin makes the supply chain management and tracking process of moving COVID-19 medical textile safer and more transparent. With an immutable record of all transactions, Yeh Group can track products from production to customers. Not only that, SevenPlus Coin also makes payments better and faster. So it will become easy for sellers, buyers, and mediators to track products and make payments. The following are the features of SevenPlus Coin:

  • Supply chain management and tracking: Blockchain technology, enabling the creation of supply chain management and tracking that is immutable, transparent, and efficient.

  • Trustworthy product: Blockchain technology securely tracks and proves the ingredients, production volume, availability, and quality of the material of the product.

  • Ease of payment: Digital assets 7PLUS COIN was developed by Yeh Group to facilitate transactions between Yeh Group and partners or other stakeholders.

  • Product authenticity: Decentralized and immutable record features offered by blockchain technology can prevent counterfeit products.


7PLUS COIN is a token launched and developed by PENN ASIA. This token will create seamless transactions between Yeh Group with partners or other stakeholders. It is a utility token based on Ethereum ERC-20 which has a supply of 200 million tokens. This token will function as payment and tracking of all textile materials to medical apparel. It is planned that 7PLUS Coin will be offered at $ 0.1 per SV7 coin during private and public sales.

To conclude

The textile industry is an industry that has the potential to develop in the future. Especially during a pandemic like now, the demand for personal protective equipment is quite high in the community. But unfortunately, supply chain management for the health system is very limited, so we cannot trace and know the authenticity and composition of medical textile materials such as facemasks, gloves, etc. And to respond to this problem, Yeh Group came up with innovative and modern solutions to the textile industry. Yeh Group plans to launch a token called 7PLUS COIN which will function as a utility token for ease of transaction and tracking of COVID-19 medical textile products. 7PLUS COIN will become a digital asset that will improve the healthcare supply chain management and tracking process of all kinds of branded sportswear, undergarments, and especially medical textile and as a payment for seamless transactions between Yeh Group and partners or other stakeholders.

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