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Pastel Network - ​Digital Art on the Blockchain

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Art is an activity that is very attached to human life. Whether it's music, paintings, sculptures, or other art objects, it is highly appreciated in the community. The most famous art objects to date are Mona Lissa, La Creazione di Adamo, The Birth of Venus, and many others. Of the many works of art that are popular today, most of us know who their creators are. But there are also many works of art where the creator is unknown or other artists are plagiarizing someone's artwork and claiming it is his. Problems like these often occur in the art industry. Not only that, but the issue of the authenticity of a work of art is also a concern. Often a work of art is copied and published without crediting the creator. And several other problems that often occur in the art industry.

However, by utilizing blockchain technology we can overcome various problems in the art industry, such as authenticity, ownership, piracy, audiences, and other problems. With blockchain technology, we can securely trade, own, and transfer ownership of digital artwork. This allows artists and collectors to trade more safely and securely. And artists don't have to worry about piracy, because blockchain allows the artwork to be stored securely.

Pastel Network: ​Digital Art on the Blockchain

Pastel is a platform that brings together artists, collectors, and the crypto world in one place. Pastel is a decentralized peer-to-peer platform that allows artists and collectors to sell, own or trade digital art safely and securely. By using blockchain technology, Pastel is disrupting the art industry, making it better with a unique protocol that can solve various problems in the art industry, such as authenticity, ownership, audience, monetization, piracy, etc.

The Pastel platform, allows artists to digitally monetize their artwork and at the same time protect their work from piracy. Any direct sales made by the artist will not incur fees or commissions to third parties, because blockchain technology eliminates third parties.

Collectors can buy digital artwork for investment or support an artist. The pastel platform with its protocol guarantees that all digital artwork is original and not pirated works.

Because it uses blockchain technology, Pastel is perfect for you crypto enthusiasts who want to transact using cryptocurrency. Pastel provides PSL tokens that can be used by users to trade digital artwork.

Pastel Features

Blockchain technology pastels allow problems that are often faced by artists and collectors in the art industry to be overcome. The innovative Pastel Solution makes the art world more "friendly" to artists and art collectors. Following are the features of the Pastel platform:

  • Unique Ownership: All digital artwork will be backed up and linked to the PSL token. In this way, it allows users to invest, trade, profit, and even distribute shares from digital assets.

  • Tradable Assets: Pastels provide a platform for owners or artists who wish to sell their limited edition or unique work assets via a virtual auction platform.

  • Proven Authenticity: Pastels are supported by a unique protocol that will secure art assets. This protocol, allows the authenticity of the assets to be maintained and at the same time eliminates third parties on direct sales.

PSL Token

PSL Token is a token built with the Pastel protocol (based on Bitcoin, Dash, and ZCash). This token has a supply of 21,000,000,000 PSL and will function as a utility token on the platform. Users can get this token by running a master node to support the network or via an exchange.

In Conclusion

Artists sometimes have difficulty selling their digital art due to several factors, such as the absence of a platform that facilitates them or the high fees/commissions charged by third parties. Likewise, collectors are often exposed to fraud because the assets they receive are not authentic. And many other problems in the art industry. Pastel with blockchain technology intends to become a platform that will solve problems in this industry. With blockchain technology, Pastel allows artists to publish, monetize, and secure their digital art. And collectors can buy rare digital art with authenticity for investment or supporting artists. Thus, Pastel can become a platform where artists and collectors can meet and trade safely and securely - a platform that solves industry problems with innovative solutions.



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