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Cryptocurrency is a revolutionary technology of this decade. With cryptocurrency, people can make transactions faster, more securely, and anonymously. Cryptocurrency makes it very easy for people to make transactions, without borders or locations, everyone can use it. Since its appearance, cryptocurrency has been adopted by many platforms. Because by adopting cryptocurrency, they can save more resources and streamline their transaction system. Even with cryptocurrency, platforms can raise funds and use them for the development of their platform. This activity is called an ICO or initial coin offering, where the platform will provide tokens to the public, later the public can buy these tokens and expect that the price of these tokens will increase in the future.

However, some platforms offer their tokens to the public for free, this is called Airdrop. The platform will send coins or tokens to wallet addresses to promote their new tokens for free or in return for a small service, for example, retweets, etc. This Airdrop activity is considered capable of introducing new tokens to the public, especially crypto-enthusiasts.

This is also done by Pie Token. Pie Token calls it a "Tokendrop", this is an activity carried out by Pie Token to distribute free tokens to all crypto communities. Pie Token does this with the expectation that the Binance Smart Chain which is the basis of Pie Token will be used by many people, which will affect the price of the Pie Token. Because more and more people support Pie Token, the price of Pie Token will increase.

Pie Tokendrop for the Binance Smart Chain Community

Before we discuss further about Pie Token, it's good if we get to know first what Binance Smart Chain is. For those of you who don't know what Binance Smart Chain is, this is an alternative financial solution powered by blockchain. Binance Smart Chain or commonly abbreviated as BSC is claimed to have higher performance, cheap transaction fees, cross-chain DeFi mechanisms, supportive Binance ecosystem, and powered by Binance DEX.

Pie Token is a token backed by BSC technology. Pie Token is planned to be given to crypto enthusiasts for free. Pie Token expects that in the future there will be more and more people using BSC, which will affect the development of Pie Token in the future. With more and more people holding Pie Tokens, the price of these tokens will increase and will provide benefits to token holders. This can be seen from the development of Bitcoin, where this first cryptocurrency could develop because of the very strong and sincere community promoting bitcoin. It is hoped that in the future more people will support Pie Token so that Pie Token will continue to grow and the price will increase.

Pie Token is almost the same as other DeFi platforms, which provide stake and yield farm features. So that token holders can stake their tokens or become yield farmers to maximize their profits in the crypto market.

How To Claim Free Tokens

Currently, there are more than 70K wallet addresses that hold Pie Tokens in their wallets. In the future, the number of token holders will increase, in line with the development and popularity of Pie Token. The plan is that Pie Token will reward 250 lucky Pie Token holders. However, it should be noted that 1 wallet address can only claim Pie Token once, no more. Here is how to claim Pie Tokens from 4 digital wallets:

To conclude

Binance Smart Chain is claimed to have better performance and lower fees than the Ethereum ERC-20 protocol. The Binance protocol is claimed to have a more secure ecosystem and is supported by Binance, an exchange platform that already has credibility and is very popular with crypto users. It is estimated that in the future more and more people will use this protocol. And Pie Token sees this as a good opportunity and plans to be part of this ecosystem. Pie Token intends to distribute free tokens to crypto users, especially the Binance Smart Chain. Users can claim Pie Tokens from Metamask, MyEtherWallet, SafePal, and Trust Wallet. Thus, more people will hold and support Pie Tokens, which will greatly affect the price of Pie Tokens. Everyone can join in and claim their Pie Token.

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