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New Social Media Platform Torum Launches - Get 75 XTM Registering Your Account.

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Torum is a new blockchain based social media site running on the Ethereum blockchain, and currently you can receive 75 XTM when you register using

This new social media network looks simply amazing, and it's really easy to post your read cash affiliate links and get a nice looking post.. it's a powerful system and can allow you to generate more users into your blog posts and referral links.

Torum has a number of unique features, including clans. These clans allow you to work with other members on the platform and build a group together, build up followers and build up profits.

Another great feature of Torum is the companies list, it's a great place for companies and different cryptocurrency projects to promote themselves, build followers and interact with their communities.

Torum has one of the best affiliate / referral systems i have come across in my quest to earn bitcoin online, you can earn tokens by referring users and completing daily tasks such as logging in daily, making posts, commenting, creating content and other useful tasks.

This website is new and now is the time to get on board and start sharing those referral links, both you and your referral will receive 75 XTM simply by creating an account and verifying your phone number.

Create your account - Torum Social Media

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