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A Review Of Bet Fury Gambling And Investing Platform.

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1 year ago

Today i thought i would create a full review of the Bet Fury gambling and investing platform, it's become my new favorite and im totally not addicted or anything.

Bet Fury is a gambling website that has all the latest bitcoin gambling games, but the best thing about this site is the fact you earn tokens the more you gamble.

If you use the auto bet feature and constantly turn over bets you can generate hundreds or even thousands of tokens per day which will give you a share of the profit generated by the site.

Currently right now you get about 70 satoshi daily per 100 tokens you hold, plus you also get paid some tron, bit torrent token and tether as well.

Here is a look at my account after around one week and $200 invested, i used the auto gamble feature on keno and dice to turn over bets for 50+ hours and generated over 15,000 tokens which is giving me 11,514 satoshi daily plus 1.2 tron.

Some of the $200 invested went into mining the BFG TRX tokens as well which pay more tether, tron and bit torrent token.

The best way to generate the tokens is by auto betting on the dice or keno game, you can have the odds very low where you are winning most of the time.

If you don't want to invest any money, Bet Fury has a free bitcoin faucet where you can claim up to 1800 satoshi daily.

You can use this free bitcoin to gamble small amounts using auto bet and generate 5 or 10 tokens daily, if you keep doing this for a while you can end up with a few hundred tokens which will give you a small daily profit which can be reinvested to earn even more profits.

The withdrawals are instant, if your withdrawing tron or bit torrent token you will receive it within one minute. Bitcoin transactions will be a bit slower but this is only due to speed of the bitcoin network.

One of my favorite features of this website is the ability to withdraw your affiliate commissions instantly as you earn them in real time. As soon as someone claims from the faucet or gambles and you earn some coins, you can withdraw them instantly and use them to gamble or if you have enough withdraw to your own wallet.

This is one of my favorite games it's called crash, you place a bet and see how high the rocket man goes up.. some times he will crash right away and you will lose all you money.. or sometimes you can get hundreds or even thousands of times your money back.

This is the classic mine sweeper game but a bitcoin gambling version, find the gems and avoid the mines, earn more coins each time you click a tile.

Here is my favorite poker machine, the pirates map.. it has awesome sound and graphics and i keep winning on it and i much prefer winning than losing!

This is my best win so far, 3000 TRX worth around $75 USD. I was betting 50 TRX per bet, around 75 cents a bet and got 5 in a row with substitutes and wilds across the board.

It's possible to bet fairly large amounts per spin and win crazy amounts with these poker machines.. although it's also possible to lose your money very fast! I pulled out the 3000 TRX right away and have been using it to play other games and generate BFG tokens for the last few weeks.

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1 year ago
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