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9Lives Arena Gameplay Footage - Amazing Blockchain RPG / Fighting Game!

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1 year ago

9Lives Arena is an amazing looking new blockchain RPG / Fighting game.. two players walk into the Arena and only one will leave.. and you only have 9 lives!

The graphics in this game are stunning and the fighting mechanics and scenery are top notch.. today i thought i would share a game play preview video show casing some of the moves and fighting scenes in the game.

You have to watch this video.. the super powers your characters have will make dragon ball Z blush with envy!

Here is a longer video running for about 7 minutes which shows off much more of the game play. 9Lives Arena is still in development although the community is very active and the game is fully playable -

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Looks like a fun game with some exciting blasting graphics. Fight games are so addictive and require some skills!

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1 year ago