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Malaysia 1977 9th SEA game Set of 3 Proof coins

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Contains gold, silver and Copper-nickel coins in proof condition

Mintage: 975 sets.

1977 9th SEAS Games $1 ringgit coin

Technical Specifications:

Value: 1 ringgit

Composition: Copper-nickel

Weight: 16.80g

Diameter: 33.36mm

Thickness: 2.4mm

1977 9th SEAS Games $ 25 ringgit Silver coin

Technical Specifications:

Face Value: 25 ringgit

Composition: .925 silver

Weight: 34.10g

Diameter: 42.10mm

Thickness: 3.00mm

1977 9th SEAS Games $ 200 ringgit Gold

Technical Specifications:

Face Value: 200 ringgit

Composition: .900 gold

Weight: 7.22g

Diameter: 25.24mm

Thickness: 1.33mm

$ 1.29
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