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Lunch at on day 3 at Trigometric October Auction

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1 month ago

For lunch on day 3 at Trigometric October Auction, the Hilton hotel serve mee siam and Garlic fried rice. Hilton hotel is a 5 stars hotel so even for simple food I have some expectations in it. There are even longan and oranges

I grab myself a cup of latte and a plate of garlic rice first. The garlic smells and taste is strong, very well cooked. The prawn in the fried rice is fresh too.

mee siam is a dish of thin rice vermicelli, originating from Maritime Southeast Asia, popular in Singapore and Malaysia. Mee Siam is a common dish as breakfast, brunch or lunch in Malaysia. They are usually served along any of the followings sides: Malaysia's fried chicken, fried or boiled egg, Sambal, Otak, and luncheon meat.

After I finished the mee siam, I grab some longan and oranges to enjoy.

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Written by   165
1 month ago
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These foods are really looking good. I feel like having some to eat. Have a nice day dear

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1 month ago