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1972 Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur $1 commemorative coin

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Commemorative coins award of the City of Kuala Lumpur City Hall 1972 (Malaysia $ 1 1972 coin) issued by Bank Negara Malaysia in conjunction with the commemoration of the Kuala Lumpur City award date on 1 February 1972. Kuala Lumpur was the first area in Malaysia to have a city status after Malaysia was independent. However, this coin was only released a year later, on 1 February 1973. The copper-nickel coin was produced by 500,000 pieces and sold at a face value of $ 1 only. Another 500 pieces are copper-nickel proof.

On the back of the coin display the $ 1 symbol with the year 1972 and the word "CREATIVITY OF STATE BANDARAYA". On the front of the coin display the symbol of Kuala Lumpur City with the motto of "MAJU DAN MAKMUR" and "KUALA LUMPUR". The coin weight is at 16.50g and has a diameter of 33.30mm

Kuala Lumpur is said to have gained its name in the 1850s, when the Klang Malay Chief, King Abdullah, hires Chinese workers to open new and larger tin mines. They landed at the Sungai Gombak and Sungai Klang meeting to open the mines in Ampang. Sungai Gombak was formerly known as Sungai Lumpur, which means a muddy river. The original name for the city is "Pengkalan Lumpur", which means mud bonding. When the time passes it turns to Kuala Lumpur which means "muddy kuala".

Technical Specifications:
Year: 1972
Face Value: $ 1
Composition: Copper-nickel
Weight: 16.50g
Diameter: 33.30mm
Mintage: 500,000 pcs (Non-proof), 500pcs (Proof)
Thickness: 2.55mm

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Written by   165
1 year ago
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