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Midnight Fairy

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2 months ago
Topics: Story, Writing, Write, Poetry, Poem

Darkness brighten by the street lamps,

The moon and stars look like multiple chandeliers hanging on the night sky,

The air is cold,

The streets are silent.


No other footsteps other than ours,

As we walk by the streets to the unknown,

I can hear your breathing,

I can see your gentle smile.


The touch of your hand warmth my souls,

I will follow you where ever you might go.


At the end of the roads,

I saw another set of lights,

Other than the street’s lamps,

Other than the moonlight,

Other than the light of millions of stars.


You continue to walk,

As I follow you close behind.

We took a turn at the end and there it is,

Right in front of us,

A magical door with the colour of a rainbow.


You stop and you took my hands,

We look into each other eyes,

And I fell into your embrace.


The moment lasts for a while,

Until you let me go,

Tears flowing through my cheeks,

As you said goodbye.


It’s my birthday,

I know this moment will come,

I turn into a woman and I can no longer meet you,

Goodbye Peter,

My midnight fairy.

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aaahhh!!! these feeling, I wish I couldn't understand But believe me I can 😓😓😓 Sometimes I ask myself, why do people leave, if they leave then why do they leave their memory behind. If they want to go, they should take their memories with them.💔💔💔

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2 months ago

I am sorry for the late reply. I guess that is how life is. Memories are that thing that builds our life. If we choose to learn from those memories and build a better living we are lucky. If we choose to let bad memories ruin our life, it will be our loss.

That is how we become stronger.

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1 month ago