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Struggling inside.

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1 month ago

The person you once knew is gone. He is physically present but his mind is somewhere else. He is reachable, touchable, and observable but he is no longer able to have a conversation with you. He rarely did have a conversation with you and now his mind is absent. The easiest solutions are to give up and let him go but your heart will not let you do so.

Are you out of your mind?

You are scared and exhausted. You can no longer hold on. What in the world made you stay? You are insane. Why didn't you run? Why didn't you just give him up? He is no longer here with you. He is lost and you are not his savior. He refused to be saved. He chose that pathway but he does not want to leave you. You have the option to throw him away. Why didn't you?

You need to take care of your little one. You need to take care of yourself. Both of you need to survive. He can no longer be a part of the two of you.

He did say he would have left you a long time ago. He accuses you of cheating on him. He has not shown any sign of love for you for quite a while now. What else is there left of him for you?

He destroyed himself and your future together. You can't even look at his face.

What else is there you got for him? Love?

Is love that strong enough? Perhaps sympathy?

The one thing that made you stay...

Is that you knew he needed help and he has no one else. You can be free if you want to but you decided to stay. The consequences are unthinkable.

If everyone decides to leave someone in need then where is humanity?

Only God knows the fear and disappointment you have inside. He knows your struggles and He gave you friends. Hang on dear and seek help in any way you can. Don't just hold on without doing anything.

I dedicated this writing to anyone who is fighting to save their loved ones from drug abuse.

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Written by   6
1 month ago
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