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Liechtenstein Bank launches Bitcoin Cash transaction and storage service

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6 months ago

Providing Bitcoin Cash Trading and Custody Services

Bank Frick, a European Liechtenstein bank, will expand its virtual currency handling and begin offering Bitcoin Cash (BCH) trading and custody services to its customers.

According to the bank, BCH can be purchased using euros, US dollars and Swiss francs.

Bank Frick has been investing in Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), XRP, Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Nem (XEM), Quantum (QTUM) and Stellar (XLM) since 2018 And so on.

Bank Frick stores and protects its customers' cryptocurrencies in an externally hackable cold custody that is physically separated from the Internet.

The custody service is currently targeted at institutional investors, miners, and high-net-worth rich crypto investors.

Collaboration with the virtual currency exchange Kraken

Bank Frick is a small bank (with less than 200 employees) specializing in providing banking services to intermediaries, integrating traditional banking services with a blockchain infrastructure.

Customers include fintech companies, wealth management companies, payment service providers and pension funds.

In cryptocurrencies, it is also one of Kraken's partners, providing services for Eurozone SEPA (European Payment Integration Initiative) transfers.

Also known as a bank that has shown interest in cryptocurrencies from an early stage, in September 2017 it provided the first Bitcoin and Ethereum basket transaction in countries using Swiss francs, and in February last year Has launched DLT Markets, a cryptocurrency trading platform for institutional investors.

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Written by   41
6 months ago
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Thank you,Bank Fricks' allowing to trade with BCH shows trust in cryptocurrencies, which encourages crypto investors.

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6 months ago