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Don't compare your life, fit yourself is happiness

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2 months ago

Mood is not everything in life,

But can control all of life.

Good mood, everything is good,

In a bad mood, everything is messed up.

We often don’t lose to others,

It’s that bad feelings degrade our image,

Reduced our ability,

Disturbed our thinking,

Thus lost to himself.

Control your mood, life will be peaceful everywhere.

A good attitude creates a good mood,

Good mood shapes you the best.


Don't cry, get up again,

Stand up straight and smile, pat the dust and continue running.

Face up to every setback in life,

Adapt to every ups and downs in life,

Draw every failure of life,

Take advantage of every bump in life.

Try to give yourself the best mood,

Balance his breath,

Adjust your mindset,

Do not rush to success,

No matter how big the fall,

The same can be better tomorrow

Most of the time,

We always hope to get the good of others.

At first, very grateful.

But after a long time, it is used to it.

Accustomed to how a person treats you well,

It was considered reasonable.

One day it won't be good for you, and you'll feel resentful.

In fact, it's not that others are bad,

But our demands have become more.

Get used to it and forget about gratitude.

Life is always thinking and looking away in loss.

If life is free of sorrow and distress,

There is no joy and sorrow,

Then life is a blank, a bleak.

The bloom of the flower season, the sadness of the rainy season,

As the annual ring gradually fades away, and settles in the heart,

Half of it is the pursuit of beauty,

Half is the acceptance of incompleteness.

I couldn’t stand it, I couldn’t stand it,

But now he smiles lightly.

Instead of complaining about the world, change yourself.

Take care of your heart and do your own thing,

Better than anything.

Life is not perfect, and twists and turns are also scenic.

Don’t overestimate the loss,

Giving up is another kind of possession;

Don’t always envy others,

People do it, they realize it,

I believe the scenery that belongs to you is at the next corner.

Thanks for Reading!

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Written by   41
2 months ago
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Nice write up. wow a lot of gracokony here. I love this it,applaud to you.

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2 months ago