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Queen's Birthday Honours: NZ rugby league legend Benji Marshall blazes NRL trail for Kiwi kids

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2 months ago

"From the ‘Learn to Race’ holiday ski program delivered by his club QAST in his hometown of Queenstown, NZ at the age of 8, via skiing in the Dolomites, then joining the Bachmann Ski College community (with a small break in Switzerland), and arriving today to the NZ Men's Development Team, Keir is chipping away at his professional athlete goals.

Two broken legs, more than a few broken thumbs, a few concussions and a rather dicey experience with Covid which has left Keir with Type1 diabetes and a compromised immune system has not stopped him. He is thankful for the environment which has embraced him and supported him in his endeavour to keep racing and striving towards his dreams and achieving his alpine goals.

Memorable moments include travelling to many of the FIS Children’s races such as Alpe Cimbra (formally Topolino), Skofija Loka, Pinocchio, and Zagreb Ski Trophy with Andrea Lazzaro and his Bachmann coaches U16. In his subsequent FIS seasons, this experience has widened to encompass racing and training in Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sweden, Holland, France, Austria, Serbia, Switzerland, and more!

Of his years growing up within the Bachmann programme, Keir has this to say “It’s been a long journey full of support and encouragement and great people, coaches, teachers and fellow athletes. Being named to the New Zealand Development Ski Team is another step in my pathway, and the experiences I have had with Bachmann have helped me to achieve this. I’ve had an enormously fun time with my teams over the years and stayed passionate about skiing and I look forward to keeping the momentum going with Danko Marinelli, Max Lazzaro, Francesco Ciot and the boys!

Thank you Bachmann Sports College for being next to me every step of the way, and enabling me to keep moving forward”

Grazie Keir,

tutto il meglio per il tuo

futuro tra #NZ e #BCH 👏🏻👊🏻💥

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Written by   7
2 months ago
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