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What Covid-19 was like for me

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7 months ago
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I came to school thinking it would be a normal day when all of a sudden all the teachers were telling us about being online and no in-person school tomorrow. To be honest I was kind of happy. And I wouldn't blame myself, no school tomorrow, not a whole lot of work, my own time, and inside the house, I was hyped.

I thought it was going to last until Friday. But once we got to the second week I knew things were not normal. I was stuck inside the house for good. As much as I thought of how cool it was, I started to see the downsides. Like not being able to socialize, being stuck at home all day, seeing nobody but my family all day, not going anywhere. It was getting to a point where it was not good. The internet was going crazy. I mean when was the last time that 90 percent of the world was under lockdown and not being able to go anywhere (let's not even talk about the stock-market).

My day looked like this. Wake up at around 10 am do my work (while watching youtube) finish at around two and do whatever I wanted between walls in my house. The fact that I could just roll out of bed not even changing my clothes and finish my work was pretty neat.

The statistics were terrifying. The number of cases was growing exponentially. It started out at 1000 cases, then 1200, and at one point it was at 40,000 cases a day in America. At this rate, I thought everyone was going to get covid. I started to see the world differently and becoming a better person.

The stock market... the first few weeks the market was on a bull trend (downwards). It was going down and down until one point where it started to just keep going up. It's 15 percent higher as of 2021 from what I heard. Not financial advice, but buy the dip sell at the all-time high.

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