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Why most people distrustful of a stranger?

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1 month ago

Have you ever trusted anyone easily who is a stranger to you? How was or is your experience about it? Was it a negative influence on you?

Never trust anyone who is a non-native to you. Just like a child, we always remind kids about outsiders. We never know that strangers will be the cause of the end of your existence.

I was a victim of a stranger, I divulged her easily, thinking that people are good at all times, but it wasn't. Sometimes, I want to believe the saying that "Don't judge the book by its cover" sometimes I don't want to believe, but this time, I believed.

I found a thing in a place, and when I looked at it, there was a thing that teaches me about the owner, where she lives, what was her gender, name, and other records about her.

I went to her place, I thought that running to her will be a help for her but this happened. Just assumed that it would be a nightmare, and it was all happened.

A glass of milk, serene music, dog barking, and most especially, the kind face of her. How was peaceful that sound like? Was it? Oh, yeah, of course, it was. She took her stuff, thanked me, and made a short conversation, I have a good time with her.

It was a joyful day, having a new friend, older 4 times on me. She was like a mother to me for short. Good advice, happy moments, cooking her, laughing together, knowing each other, and exchanging contact information.

She talked about her daughter, about her friends, and her only one friend. She said everybody needs a friend, yes that true. I have friends, I have my best friend, and she has her friend too, that was me, she said that, confusing

That was a great day! But my best friend warned me. Never deal with the stranger, but she wasn't a stranger to me at all, that was my prediction. I felt good and trusted her so much, the so-called "stranger".

Until one incident just happened, surely for a big reason. I visited her again, I was invited at that time. We walked around, make a conversation while roaming around the town. Again, a glass of milk, serene music with her barking dog.

Staying at her home for trusting on her so much I discovered one thing that explained everything about her. That was the creepiest thing I have experienced in my whole existence. I scarcely hope that never knew her, that was experienced.

I couldn't stand from where I was sitting. Can't even talk and look at her straight in her eyes. She doesn't know yet, that j discovered something about her. The thing she left intentionally on that place, the good friendship she let me feel like, and the motherly like presence, we're all lies.

My best friend was correct, she was creepy and weird. I should have listened to my best friend at first, but I didn't. Anyway, it was too late for that, my nightmare has begun.

I never get back to that house and that makes her so upset. She tried catching me up on my work and tried to talk to me, she failed. The other day, she tried again, every day, again and again, but I keep on running against her.

One day she stood up in front of our company building, started the morning till night, so weird and that makes me feel so scared. I waited for her to leave before I went home. I thought she was gone, oh no, I got caught, but I refused to talk to her. Imagine that, she spits me out. How rude that was and makes me more scared of her.

That never ends there, she called over my phone every day, every night, and all the time. She even stalked my best friend, I would never let her touched my best friend, I could kill her. What plays on her mind? I think she's a psychopath, is she? I feel more horrified by that woman.

Again, she went to my company where I was working and one more thing happened that my feelings for her. I'm done on this, I called the cops and cops investigated her and let her home shortly. She was sick, really sick, I guessed a mental illness.

I decide to see her at the church, we talked. She told me that everybody needs a friend, she wants me to be her friend. How could that be if I discovered something on her that feels so weird? I lied to her, I said yes, we can be friends now, promised her.

But before going to her house, again I discovered another suspicious thing from her. I saw a newsletter from her garbage, the names, addresses, and I went there. I'm scared but I tried to help her, I called the name that started in that letter.

I finally met the girl, the one she intended to send the letter but always running away from her. She told me that no daughter at all, no friends at all, and no one talking to that psychopath ever! A psychopath? Have I suspected her a psychopath right?

The woman that I met said, Samantha was very ill. Oh, that psychopath named Samantha. She told me about " The painted box". But I don't understand, it doesn't matter to me what's all about on the painted box. I ignored the box, what matters to me is the truth about the woman, oh, the woman named Samantha.

After talking to her old friend or shall I say "former friend", I decided to meet with Samantha. The tragic happened at that time, the meet up hadn't happened. She caught me up in my apartment and drugged me. I thought I was having a nightmare while asleep but it was a real nightmare.

I woke up with stuff toys, so weird and creepiest, I was inside the box. I remembered what her former friend told me about the painted box. I regretted that I wasn't insisted on the box. I can't breathe, and I can't move inside the box.

Suddenly, I heard the melody of the piano. What the devil sounds like, that was Samantha, played the piano. I started screaming, punching, and kicking the box cover. Samantha covers up the box for me and started talking to me.

She knows everything that I promised to her was a lie. I told her that I would be her friend after the incident happened at the company where I was working and where she'd scandal. How horrible fate it was for me, I'm dead. That day, she confessed to me what she did and I discovered all her little secrets on her face but a huge quandary on real circumstances.

She was a real psychopath, a very ill woman. Every time she has a victim of her things left in a place sheds and tried toll. The room where the painted box was placed was a room for her victims. And that was me, her last victim, probably I guess.

She tortured me, mentally. She tried to teach me to play the piano, cook food, and tenant her. Until one day, we cooked, I got a chance of freedom, I cut her one finger and I hit her on her head until she was asleep on the floor.

I tried to escape, but I couldn't. I can't find the keys, I use the backdoor, I fell in the underground. Suddenly, I heard someone sobbing, and I saw someone coated with plastic wrap on her whole body. That was so scary and terrible one, I was thinking I would be like that too, I tried to save her but I was caught.

She caught me, she tied me up on the bathtub and she confessed again. I wasn't the only one who was stuck in on the painted box. All her victims were being stuck in the painted box. I couldn't imagine she did that with her angelic face.

Days or months passed, I didn't know both, I feel nothing but the numbness and weakness of my body. Oh, someone, I heard talking, a male voice. I remembered my dad called me for vacation, he must look for me now. He probably reported me at the police station missing. And probably remembered me by the police whom I reported Samantha when she made a scandal on my previous company. Perfect!

Again, a failure! I heard a shotgun, six times shots. He was the investigator, my best friend and my father will surely know that I was kidnapped. I prayed a lot before I died, I wanted to be clean, I asked for forgiveness and thanked God for everything.

Just a day has passed, and there was a female voice speaking with Samantha. They have a nice conversation, they're talking about the job role. Unexpectedly, I heard Samantha was moaning, laughing, and crying until I heard my best friend's voice "are you feeling drugged?" She asked Samantha.

My best friend finally found me in that room. She drugged Samantha until she fell asleep. My best friend was also a victim, perhaps not. When she found the thing that Samantha left in a place for a disastrous motive, she didn't hesitate to bring it to her house and saved me.

I was stuck in the painted box for a long time. And being saved by my best friend, we finally did it, save ourselves from a terror woman.

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Written by   347
1 month ago
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