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What is the meaning of Christmas

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2 weeks ago

A lot of words that can define Christmas. A hundred words can describe the word Christmas because Christmas is everything.

The first thing that I know about Christmas is celebrating Jesus Christ's birthday. If I would give meaning to it, too many words that can define the meaning of Christmas.

Many words can describe Christmas

Do you feel Christmas is coming? I can feel it despite the fact that Pandemic still existing. The crisis will never affect the Christmas season, maybe financially but not emotionally. Celebrating Christmas has many ways to work out.

When I was a child, the only thing that I know about Christmas is exchanging gifts, that's all. It's important that you must teach introduce to your children the word Christmas while they are still young.

Christmas is Coming

It will be a few months before Christmas, but I feel so excited. This is the true spirit of Christmas. Just think positive and throw ways bad spirit and toxic attitudes that couldn't help your emotions caused by this pandemic. Many of us worried about this coming Christmas season, don't be worried about the crisis, because this Christmas should lessen our burden in our hearts. If you really know the true spirit of Christmas for sure it will help you by celebrating it. Celebrating without risking your life, remember that Christmas isn't all about partying with your friends outside your home, it's everything. You can celebrate with your loved ones at your home. Don't forget that this is the birthday of Jesus Christ. There are many ways how to celebrate it peacefully and joyfully.

What is really the true meaning of Christmas? Many words you could describe Christmas.

Give your words and define Christmas. Not only in one phrase but too many words. What are those? Your answer is your true feelings when celebrating Christmas.

The word Merry is given when we're celebrating Christmas, that should be felt like. Joy, love, Thanksgiving, hope, peace, Blessings, gift-giving, Bethlehem, care, celebration, communication, forgiveness, faith, gratitude, sharing, and more!

BETHLEHEM- Where Jesus Christ was born

Christmas is the celebration of Jesus Christ's birthday. Bethlehem decorations will never be missed during Christmas. Bethlehem was the place where Jesus Christ was born.


Merry Christmas! The word Merry is the same as happy. We usually hear the word merry on Christmas. A little smile, a message of happiness, A little of affection and devotion from a person near, A little blessing from one held beloved, Best hopes and wishes, These make a Merry Christmas to us.


This is a satisfactory emotion in our spirits generated by the Holy Spirit as He induces us to glimpse the magnificence of Jesus in His Word and in His works. This is what we are commemorating in the third week of Advent. Joy is what we are to plead the Holy Spirit for. This is truly the greatly succinct and exact description I have ever heeded and is one goodness recollection! Let’s contemplate this meaning and give a reasonable glimpse of genuine happiness and joy. It does not show up from our physiques but from our spirit. Our spirit is the imperceptible aspect of what brings about you and me.  It comes into our mentality, will, feeling, and intellect.


Give love on Christmas Day, and in our everyday life that's why most of us are saying that every day is Christmas. Why we have the phrase "give love on Christmas day"? We can give love anytime but during Christmas, this is the time that we have a big opportunity to unite our families and friends as we have enough time for a vacation. Many ways to show our love.


There's always hope every day, but Christmas is a special hope for us. New hope for a new beginning of the day and the whole year. Especially in this time that we are suffering from COVID-19, never lose hope, always think that Jesus Christ is watching and guiding us. It is compassion for the past, motivation for the present, hope for destiny. Christmas is the day that carries all time together.


During Christmas, we have a tradition of sharing gifts, like material things, messages, and other ways to show them that we love and care for them.

"God loved the world so much, that he gave his one and only Son, so that whoever believes in him may not be lost but have eternal life."

Why is it that we have special gifts-giving?

One of the fundamental justifications we have the tradition of delivering and accepting blessings and gifts at Christmas is to remember us of the gifts given to Jesus by the wise men.

All over the globe, families, and friends give gifts to each other. Most youngsters around the kingdom believed in a Christmas gift-bringer.

Too many words to mention for defining Christmas.

You, the reader of this article, What is the meaning of Christmas in your opinion?

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Written by   252
2 weeks ago
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