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Truth About Deception

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4 days ago

Whether we like it or not, our relationships tend to be kept together, not only by saying the truth but by telling an occasional lie as well.

What are the potential benefits of not always being candid and honest?

Is it possible that, without any degree of deceit, our close relationships would not work?

What is Deception?

Deception is an act or expression that misleads, hides the truth, or promotes an untrue belief, principle, or idea. It is often done for personal gain or benefit. As well as diversion, disguise, or concealment, deception may include dissimulation, disinformation, and contortion of hand.

Is there any advantage of being not truthful?

Often the truth hurts, a little honesty is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is devastating. Deception does not always entail the most difficult and hurtful act you might do to someone; it typically requires telling the facts.

"Lies that build are better than truths that destroy." -- Senegalese Proverb

The majority of intimate partnerships and marriages are hard to sustain. Lying helps couples prevent needless tension. On any topic, couples do not always see eye-to-eye and conflict plays a major role in how well individuals get on with each other. And you could end up arguing towards your loving relationship if you needed to. People are still a lot distant from each other and it is not that difficult to start conflicts.

However, no one wants to be in a relationship characterized by such an interminable dispute.

"A little inaccuracy sometimes saves tons of explanation."--Saki

Everyone expects to have their temperament, a connotation of themselves.

We admire our freedom and autonomy, and we value the right to make our own choices. We like the concept of being free to do what we want, of having our liberty constantly getting in our way without the need for a spouse or partner.

Simply put, nobody likes to be watched and always told what they can or can not do. We deeply appreciate having a feeling of influence over how we live. By deceit, one way we retain a sense of autonomy or freedom is.

Deception, of course, has the downside and we must know as well.

What are the disadvantages of being untruthful?

Using deception, particularly with a romantic partner, may lead to a lot of problems.

Lying and deceit undermine trust. It is problematic to use deceit in a romantic relationship or marriage because it also leads to a lack of faith and it makes people feel less close to each other.

A close, stable relationship without confidence is difficult to have. You need to be able to trust what you are told by a partner. The easiest way to destroy trust, sadly, is by being caught deceiving a partner. On the other hand, our relationships endure, although deceit undermines trust, in part, because people seldom get caught or catch their spouses when they lie.

When attempting to monitor what other individuals do, deceit is very useful. People also use manipulation to restrict the choices of their spouse or romantic partner. We lie to our partners far too often, so we want to take away their right to make their own choices.

"If a man is sufficiently unimaginative to produce evidence in support of a lie, he might just as well speak the truth at once." -- Oscar Wilde

Research indicates that individuals so frequently say the same lies that they ultimately persuade themselves they are telling the truth.

Most people believe that...

"Once a lie is told, it must be repeated."

When there is no doubt regarding the resulting advantages for those on the receiving end, lying can be beneficial. Yet integrity is the best policy in the majority of other cases.

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Written by   379
4 days ago
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