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My Smart Way of Shopping Online

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1 month ago

My first impression of Shopping Online wasn't that cool until I tried and it was pretty awesome! There are a lot of choices of stores, products, almost complete products, vouchers, and cash backs. Of course, digital products are available. Customer services and other service like couriers are good. If you're not smart enough in using platforms like this you could have more frustration when shopping online. I've been in that situation, shopping online with expensive shipping fees, low-quality products, fake products, and other problems when buying online. In this article, I will share with you how wise am I when shopping online.

What is Online Shopping?

Online shopping is an electronic business pattern that makes it practical for buyers to purchase goods and services directly through the Internet from the dealer via a web browser and mobile application. Customers are eager in discovering or finding a product through an explicit stop to the retailer's website or a shopping inquiry device exploration among other merchants that demonstrates similar availability and pricing for various e-retailers.

When did I Start Using an e-commerce site for buying digital goods and other products?

Being a mom is more than that caring for their child, I mean, we have a lot of responsibilities. I have three children and they are all boys, 7 years old, 5 years old, and 4 years old. It's not easy managing all household chores within 24 hours. My husband is working 12 hours a day, he can't even pass by in the supermarket to buy our needs every day. I decided to look for an online application that I could buy some products that we couldn't buy in grocery stores.

I started buying goods via online shopping last year 2016 when we rented an apartment because I can't leave my children alone in the apartment if I buy goods in the physical stores. There are selected products that I chose for buying online like kid's products, digital products, and other DIY products. I'll make sure that I buy only in the official stores.

What are the advantages for me of Online Shopping?

  • It's very convenient

  • Affordable

  • More options of products

  • More official stores

  • More vouchers

  • More couriers

  • More payment methods available

  • Customer service

  • Games

  • Affordable digital products

  • Cashbacks

When buying products, I just browse to the site the official stores that I need then start looking for the products I want, check out, set the payment method, apply for free shipping voucher and cashback voucher, use free accumulated coins then place an order. I just have to wait 2-3 days before it arrives.

Why I only buy to the official Stores?

  • It feels safer when buying to the official stores, with less risk because there's a lot of fake products also when you buy online.

  • There's a nice packaging of the products

  • I noticed the positive reviews from the buyers

  • Their product has a quality check in the warehouse before packing.

  • 100% authenticity of the products

I'll make sure that for all products I buy there's a free voucher

I never purchase a product without free vouchers and discounts. I always purchase products with zero shipping fees and 10%-50% discount or cashback vouchers. Aside from that, I take advantage of accumulating coins also by daily check-in, watching videos, and playing games.

How about digital goods?

Every day, I am buying discounted mobile load 5x for my wifi subscription. Aside from discounted load, I apply coins so that the paying total amount is lower. For example, I will place an order of 10 pesos load, it's only 8 pesos when you buy at a discounted price. Before placing an order I'll make sure that I apply also my free coins that will be lessened on the discounted price. It looks like this, 8 loads less for example 3 coins equals 5 loads, you will only pay a total of 5 pesos for 10 loads.


Games are optional for me because I have no enough time to play the games. Games can help accumulate coins too! Why not to try when there is enough time for this.

Free Shipping fee and Cashbacks

I always have free shipping vouchers and cashback. I will not just buy items without checking my vouchers. More than $1.5 of the shipping fee is not okay for me, it should be lesser. In terms of ShopBack, I always apply a 10%-50% ShopBack voucher. It's very useful especially to moms like me. I need to budget my money wisely for our children's schooling too. Aside from that, I have one application for ShopBack also. I can use it for other e-commerce when purchasing products. I can use that app not only by purchasing but by answering surveys and performing other task. I will show you the sample cashback I've earned on that app. Not gonna mention it because I'm not sure if it's legal to name other applications here on @Read.Cash.

The photo below is my cashback earnings from using the app when buying products online.

What are the Payment Methods I use?

There are a lot of payment methods when buying online like a bank account, E-wallets, and many more, not to mention all because I use only E-Wallets. Before, I used Gcash wallet but I switched to Coinsph when I started using Bitcoin Cash Cryptocurrency or BCH. I just convert my BCH balance into Peso then top up my wallet on my Shopping Online Account.

I have a question about Shopping Online or 'Shopify', is there a chance of having Bitcoin Cash for payment method? Because BTC is available just like in the Shop Online app I have.

I show you the screenshot above because that's what I use when topping up my wallet for my payment Shopping online. I hope that BCH would be available also on Shopify.

Customer Service

Base on my experience, customer service is very good! They are very responsive and have a faster move when resolving a problem.

Other people don't shop online because they're afraid of fake products and cheater sellers. But you can shop online, just be smart when choosing where to buy your needs. Choose wisely! I'm sure there's a lot of advantages than disadvantages to it.

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Written by   432
1 month ago
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