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1 month ago

I just discovered a feature that for the longest time I was not aware of and that I didn't use because I didn't know such thing was possible or that my wallet had the option but today I found it and I made use of it to test it. The feature in question is found on electron cash 3.6.6 and it is called "upload a file using BFP" and the other tools will be called "download a file using BFP".

This feature is very important if you find yourself in a situation where you need to write an article but you can't find a way to publish so much text in a single go, is a good option to upload short messages into the Bitcoin Cash network but for long text file this was a problem. With this tool you can upload a file that is no bigger than 10 kB which is plenty of space to write a long article.

This feature is good if you are trying to leave your words and don't want to be censored, let say for example that for some reason and start to censor users for whatever reason and the community notice that, so your followers could reach an uncensored version of your article using the Bitcoin Cash blockchain this feature could also be use to host your NFT jpeg files too.

We know that many of the NFT are just a metadata that points sometimes to a third party host where your actually image file leaves, but if that host goes offline your NFT becomes useless, well if you upload our NFT images to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain you won't have that problem because you metadata will always point to the blockchain itself and so your NFT photos will be forever written into the Bitcoin Cash network and you don't have to pay an eye and arm to do just that because Bitcoin Cash fees are always cheap.

Well now I would like to tell my readers that in the future I may upload my articles to the blockchain just because I can and because I believe it is fun to do too. And if you want to read my articles using this feature you only need to install electron cash 3.6.6 and after it is install and you have created a wallet and backup your seed phrase you can go and hit tools, click where it says "download file using BFP" and enter the transaction ID:


This address contains a text file called "Hello, Bitcoin Cash upgrades.txt" which is the same articles as found in the following link:

Once you enter the transaction ID, hit get info and it will display the transaction info and metadata, after that just click download and select the location where you want your file.

Noticed that this feature has a potential harmful side where a person instead of uploading a text file could upload a virus and you could end up downloading a virus into your PC. In my personal case I use Ubuntu Linux so I am somewhat protected against most viruses but not all. So I would recommend you only use this feature with those that you trust or that you feel comfortable with the other alternative will be to just not use the feature at all.

But for those who feels like daring you could use this feature at your own risk, in my personal case I have to intention of harming you or your computer, I am just trying to have another way of communication, and if you follow me at noise, read, memo cash and Reddit you could also monitor my Bitcoin Cash address I will upload articles there in the future once in a while just for the fun of it.

So I will say that my Bitcoin Cash address will be my new article address where I will send my articles meaning that articles from this address are mine and you can trust:


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Written by   85
1 month ago
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Mind Blown !
A beautiful idea, apparently a bit lost at the moment.

What you are referring to is


That site indicates a webpage
which simply says:

No Results Found

The page you requested could not be found. Try refining your search, or use the navigation above to locate the post. says absolutely nothing about electron cash

further, it is not listed anywhere in

This is not in the vanilla version of electron Cash:

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1 month ago

I think it is because the new version is out and maybe they are in the process of updating the website

I downloaded the latest version which is Electron Cash SLP 3.6.7-dev6

an if you scroll down you will see version 3.6.6 which is the stable version, which is the one I use in the picture in my article.

But i just updated the software to the new version which I don't recommend because it is dev, so the latest stable is 3.6.6

and I am using ubuntu so I guess you will have to wait until they update the official website, the link in this message is official for all I know. and it has versions for all OS.

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1 month ago