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The reason why 1MB blocks on Core has been revealed.

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2 weeks ago

The reason is very clear and loud, the Core censors because it has been revealed as such as well, they are not experts, and they are not mods either, they are all censors and as such I think the whole Core has been taken over by institutions wishing to destroy the only threat to their money printing machine.

Core supporters think that if you can't use Core as a peer to peer the governments, banks and all of those who benefit from the money printing would come to the rescue of Bitcoin once governments decide that enough is enough.

Core pretty much is saying that they think that the rich and their banks will save them from a govertment ban, and that's the reason why they hate Bitcoin Cash so much and have implemented censorship in all of their social media, the matter of fact is that Kim Dot Com wasn't suppose to be on a platform with them, they thought will could some how put Kim in a bad place.

Kim knows how to talk and also has hands on experience, he knows what is need it to run a full node at 32MB blocks and he knows that is possible for the average user today and in 10 years 128MB will be much easier and cheaper and today.

They thought that because money Kim would build his new product on Core but Kim needs users to adopt and actually use his new product so a few users won't do he needs mass users and the only way to get there is with a payment method that works. He even tried Lightning but it didn't work, because LN is not complete and will not be for the next 20 years they also reveal that, put attention to the video and you will hear it loud and clearn, LN won't be ready because they don't want to be seen as peer to peer.

That will explain why they are promoting custodian services like wallet of satoshi and other in LN because they want their friends the bank to be happy. And that's way they hate so much Bitcoin Cash because we refuse to let the banks to take over the Bitcoin project.

So Bitcoin Core has been surrender to banks, govermetns and all of those who want to keep your money losing value day by day, so that means that Bitcoin Cash is actually Bitcoin, and as such we must fight to keep the project alive.

Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin because it works and because we don't want banks to save us we want users to adopt Bitcoin BCH so that users will save the project in the case of a hostile attack.

Also Kim told us that once hyperinflation hits you must have a system to replace the falling system, in other words you must prepare before not when the crisis is already here, which means save some Bitcoin BCH for the future when the dollar is worthless just like the Venezuela fiat peso.

Pretty much Kim Dot Com made them spill the beans, and now you know the truth, front run the rich buy Bitcoin BCH today!!!

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Written by   28
2 weeks ago
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Damn right. The cat is out of the bag. What was once crazy conspiracy theory is now pretty plain to see for everyone who cares. Truth always comes to light.

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1 week ago

Now I am also starting to think that the price has fallen because of a vampire attack, goes like this you short sell, go to spot exchanges and sell there, so you will win more btc as you dump BCH. vampire attack, taking the money from one asset into another because you are planning or have enough supply to do, something like GME. I also have another one Medusa attack which lets price go up and as price go so will fees on Core, once price is high and tx are high you collapse the price people can't get out, pretty much you have frozen the beast and you just kill it with a hummer call regulation.

We know that Core has government sympathizers now so I suspect they will use this kind of things to bring the real Bitcoin down when they fall as well.

You try to kill BCH by dumping it and short selling= vampire attack you kill it by freezing tx on Core so that the whole crypto market falls.

I think I wrote something like that here at read.

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1 week ago