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The puzzle is coming together.

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1 month ago

And more and more politician are moving the pieces of the puzzle together and not for a brighter future but for more control of you and your liberties as well as your financial well being. It is at your own expense that the establishment is pushing for more and more of your liberties covering with lies and saying that they are being enacted to protect you, and that's not happening only in the US but around the world too, and your country maybe affected too by the action taken by the rich countries like US, China, Russia and the EU.

The last news is about Biden proposal to lean on banks to find unreported income from citizens, this not only is an attack to your privacy but it will also create more headaches for whole industries and as such many more jobs could be lost, because governments will make harder and harder to run a business, that is happening at the moment only in US territories, but you should take attention even if you don't live in the US because politicians in your country will start to copy similar legislation in your country too.

This means that people will start to use less and less banks specially if taxes become too unbearable like if the rumor for a 80% tax is true that will force people into just not paying taxes outright and leave the country, and just risk it. The Biden's administration proposal is obvious they are looking for funds to tax so that they can fund their child stimulus. Pretty much everyone else is force to sustain your children because you can't lift your family out of poverty. I will be very harsh, if you can sustain your own kids why have them in the first place, the whole society didn't have a saying when the poor were making the poor kid, so why the whole society should have to foot the bill for something that we didn't have a saying.

So Biden want to find unreported income to tax you and take your money meanwhile the rich have their money outside the country and they pay non of the taxes, and now the next level of control will be capital controls. Up to this day they haven't tax unrealized gains but they are also planing on doing that, and once they realize that people will just not sell and just move to another country, they will enact capital controls, in other words you will have agents searching you at the border when you get out of the country.

And exchanges that ask for kyc will be reporting you to your local agencies, and that is not only happening in the US but around the world. In short so that you know more taxes will come as well as inflation of your local currency, later capital controls for those who didn't move their money out of the country or some countries in time, and after a while total collapse, if not everything at the same time.

United States manipulates other countries by many means so you can bet what is being cooked at Capital Hill it will be exported to your country as well, not to mention that money printing of the US dollar will also affect your currency as well, and they rich with their money and institutions are in favor of draconian laws as well because they benefit first from government regulations and money printing, add to injury the elites are the ones planning all that is coming.

In Conclusion.

The future that is coming is nothing less than another Venezuela or Zimbabwe, pretty much inflation and even hyperinflation is coming not only to the rich countries but as to the poor countries, higher taxes for everyone else that doesn't have one billion dollars and capital controls which have not been imposed just yet but are next in the list for a recipe to collapse your economy. Don't listen to people like Elon Musk they are rich enough that they will be treated different or that will have enough money to escape whatever legislation that may destroy capital.

Not only that, the rich don't like peer to peer because that destroys them and it takes their power away and it gives it to you the regular citizen. And the reason for yesterday drop has been debunked already because miners use renewable resources in their mining operations, like hydro power, solar energy and other renewable sources for electricity, it is just manipulation at the end of the day. Remember that the rich and governments sleep in the same bed together with central banks.

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Written by   87
1 month ago
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