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Satoshi Nakamoto.

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My spirit lives (Satoshi Nakamoto's spirit) now on each of you those who still have the flame of my vision going and those who haven't awaken it yet. My gift from the gods was to forge the weapons that will defeat the war printing demon, but the contract said that I could only forge but never used the tools otherwise my time would have to be shortened, and as such since I decided to use it once, I paid the price and I had to leave you early.

To kill the war printing demon many heroes will have to sacrifice themselves until many of you would assemble and form an army of heroes willing to destroy the demon once and for all, this demon is a great tragedy to all humankind and it has committed too many sins already and because those sins have reached the heavens the gods gave me the gift to create that which heroes will use.

I left you the flame of freedom, and the sword, the shield, and the armor, the vision, many gifts to fight the beast you just have to get together and wear the tools that were forged for you so that humankind can finally rest and have peace. I gave the speed of light moving so that you could move into the front line with a lightning speed much faster than lightning itself so that you could get to your enemies faster. You now are calling that zero-config which will slay any bank minion.

I forge for you the sword that cuts 32 times with a single swing, you can cut those who oppose freedom with a single swing and get the minions called censors and mods. You now call that power scalability. I forged for you a shield that will protect you from the beast attack, this shield was specially made for the heroes that will defend liberty and freedom, it can protect you from 21 million attacks at the same time, you call that now limited supply.

And if even all of those gifts were to fail you I forged for you an armor so powerful that can defend not only one hero but all at the same time it is the power of dispersal this will help you by dispersing any attacks at one hero and break that attack into thousand smaller attacks so that a direct attack to you will not affect you. It is decentralization.

And if even all the gift forged and blessed by the gods were to fail I left you the most powerful power that a hero you ever wish for, it is one power to rule them all and it is one on wish I left my soul in it. I left the fire that can't be seen the fire that never extinguishes. It is the fire that will burn the war printing demon to the ground where not even ashes will remind, I left you the fire that lives on each of you now that which I called peer-to-peer currency for every human. So go extinguish the war printing demon and its minions the mod censors governments sympathizers.

The flame may be yellow and small or blue and big, but you need to evolve your fire to the fire that can't be seen so that humanity can have a future and freedom, the future generations depend on you, the hero that will save the Bitcoin BCH project from a certain distraction that the war printing sympathizers wish to implement.

I (Satoshi Nakamoto) could only forge your weapons and tools and my contract said I could not use them only you the hero can that is your contract with the gods, because I violated that contract once, the gods punish me so I had to leave you early, you the hero your contract is that many of you will fight the good fight, in this fight, there will be a sacrifice but rest assure because other heroes will awaken their fires as well. Many heroes are just starting to ignite and they will become the next generation that spreads the peer-to-peer vision into the future and beyond.

free Julian Assange.

free Ross William Ulbricht

Pardon Edward Snowden

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Written by   87
2 months ago (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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