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I want to convince you to hold at least one Bitcoin Cash.

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2 weeks ago

I told my friends about Bitcoin just before 2015, and because of income and whatnot, I end up only with 0.10 BTC, and that money was used to survive the Covid-19 pandemic. I don't regret using those satoshis because that got me where I am now. My friends didn't buy Bitcoin because when I was telling them to buy Bitcoin the price was around $200 to $1000.

But just before I told them to buy I gave them the reasons why I thought that Bitcoin was going to hit at least $10,000 for each coin, obviously, one reason that I explained to my friends was that Bitcoin had a limited supply of only 21 million, at that time I did know that many coins will be lost forever because people lost their private keys. I also knew that Bitcoin was easy to use.

When I sent my first Bitcoin transaction the fee was so cheap that I really didn't even notice it and I never consider that the fee was going to be a problem in the future, by that time miners ASICS were getting popular, and was still hard to get them, and I didn't trust sending money to those sellers either, so I never mined either.

Even when I bought only 0.10 I was sure that it will be at least $10k if not more just based on the utility of sending the money from one place into another with a minimum fee and the fact that the supply was really limited. I knew that those two things will bring Bitcoin to prices never seen on any other asset.

When the price of Bitcoin hit the first real ATH of around $19k all of my friends were calling me and asking how can they get into Bitcoin because they realize that they lost the opportunity to buy Bitcoin cheap, and they were trying to find out if there were any chances for them to get something cheap and sell it high.

By the year 2017, I didn't realize what had changed, and I didn't understand exactly what was wrong with Bitcoin, but one thing that was clear was the transaction fees, they were not cheap anymore.

For a few years, I was willing to overlook the transaction fees, when exchanging for altcoins trying to gain the market, in some trades I lost in others I won, but one thing was always constant the fees were always high and expensive.

I tried to research it and at first, but I ended up believing in the Bitcoin Core propaganda and I didn't realize that it was actually propaganda, but my friends were also complaining about the high transaction fees.

I decided to use Lightning Network and created my own channels, but the first trial was to use Wallet of Satoshi and at that moment I didn't know that I was using a custodian service, it was later on that I discovered that and that made me mad because I realized that I was taken as a fool.

Eventually after using custodian LN and opening my own channels that I realize that using LN was never meant to be cheap and that I will have to pay higher fees not just for opening and closing channels but also for routing fees.

After using the actual vaporware I realized that LN is designed to be a racketeering software where you pay high fees to use it no matter what, and I also realize that nodes liquidity providers eventually will increase the routing fees as well.

And that's when I looked into Bitcoin Cash not just with a perspective that is a fork but with the prospect that maybe they have been right the whole time. I started to find out about Roger Ver, and I realized that he was speaking exactly what was wrong with Bitcoin BTC, and I was warned by him that censorship was their tool of choice once you understood what was going on.

And sure enough, I was censored on Reddit for asking simple questions that's when I decided to go balls deep into Bitcoin Cash as the real Bitcoin. I do think now that Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin because it is the real Bitcoin, it hasn't forked from anything it continues to be the Bitcoin that Satoshi Nakamoto described, not only that I also discovered all the lies that Bitcoin Core supporters have been spreading all around. but they have a simple flaw in their conspiracy to take control of Bitcoin if people use Bitcoin Core and use Bitcoin Cash we will all know which coin is superior.

If people actually use the currency and compare it to Bitcoin Cash they will realize that something is wrong with Bitcoin. And just like I did in the past, I went back to my friends and told them what I had found out and what is going to be my next move when it comes to crypto investing.

I told my friends that I believe that Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin and that I believe that it will be more valuable than Bitcoin because Bitcoin Cash works. I told my friends that I am buying Bitcoin Cash because I believe it has the same properties as Bitcoin had in the past and that it works just as Bitcoin is supposed to, but now they know that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and that Bitcoin is rather expensive and doesn't work, and what actually works is very cheap.

And if they believe that I was right in the past about Bitcoin, they should hear my advice and buy at least one Bitcoin Cash because it is the future of Bitcoin and that eventually, Bitcoin Cash will be coin number one, and that it will increase in price not just because it has the same total supply, and because it is cheap to use, but now people know that cryptocurrencies work and they will look for the Bitcoin that actually works.

And I told my friends that now they know the name Bitcoin and how expensive it is to use and they don't like the high fees either. Others around the world are saying the same thing and they are voting with their money and they are moving to the Bitcoin that actually works and that it is the real peer-to-peer electronic cash system that I promoted in the past.

Bitcoin Cash is the same Bitcoin I promoted in the past, that is actually cheaper and easier to use, and that sooner or later others like my friends, you, and me will get tired of paying racketeering transaction fees.

I told my friends that I believe in Bitcoin Cash as I believed in Bitcoin in the past and that I truly believe that now Bitcoin Cash will reach even millions of dollars instead of just thousands of dollars. And that if they think that my words have some merit they should try to put at least a few dollars into Bitcoin Cash so that they don't do the same mistake they did in the past.

Knowing that the Bitcoin name works only with Bitcoin Cash and that Bitcoin Cash is not a fork but the real deal. My friends know the risks of cryptocurrencies and they know they could lose $1000, or whatever amount they decide to invest but they can't afford to lose again if I am right because this is their second chance and probably their last.

My argument is not a baseless argument, I am using what I learned in the past to try to predict the future, and I do believe that Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin and the mass usage of Bitcoin Cash will prove that, and I am waiting also for smartBCH to bring many users to the network, not to mention that people around the world are getting tired of high fees not only in Bitcoin but also in Ethereum. Conquer your future hold at least one Bitcoin Cash for the long term.

I would like to add that at some point I held 100 Bitcoin BTC, but I had to sell them for reasons I can't explain in this article, so if you decide to hold some Bitcoin Cash make sure is an amount that you feel conformable, and try to always have some fiat aside for emergencies so that you don't sell your Bitcoin Cash before its time, which will be when everybody accepts it as payments.

This article is dedicated to my real-world friends, I believe in Bitcoin Cash as I believed in Bitcoin in the past because now I know that Bitcoin Cash is the real deal, and it is the coin of the future because it continues to be the Bitcoin that I knew and I know that eventually, the whole world will recognize Bitcoin BCH. And as I told you before always invest what you can afford to lose.

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Written by   87
2 weeks ago
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