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6 months ago is a domain name that Roger Ver is the owner of but it is not just a domain name it also has many other tools that users can use and those tools and services they all move or are about cryptocurrencies in general.

Let's start with the wallet.

It is a very easy to use wallet on which you can hold Bitcoin BTC, Bitcoin BCH, and lately Ethereum, the whole reason I use it is that it is easy and I have a working wallet in a hurry, not to mention that is easy to backup your private keys because it allows online storage of your private keys. From what I understand it is not open source so it will mean that you will have to trust that the developers don't write faulty code or that they write a back door into users funds, but in regards to close source wallets is not the only one Ledger hardware wallets have the same problem as well.

The other services that offer

Outside the wallet, you have services like which is a peer-to-peer exchange where you can exchange your Bitcoin BCH for fiat, without having to give your name to third parties and without having to disclose your bank account data either pretty much leverages money senders to finish the transaction. You will need to use services like Western Union or MoneyGram to send and receive fiat, this is a very popular way to send money to third world countries, and many send money back home that way and it is pretty secure as long as you make sure funds are placed on escrow before starting the money sending process.

It is my preferred way of getting the crypto news. I do enjoy using this website because in my opinion the news is presented in a very simple way and it has the layout of the article in a way that is easy to understand. I like it because I don't have to click away many things to get into the news that I want to read. I do believe the less effort the user must make the better service is and as such, it will retain and even gain new users in the long run as long as the users always have an easy way to access content and content that users like me prefer as well.

It is just another explorer nothing new here and I don't find it any different when others when it comes to understanding the interface to me almost all explorers are intuitive when it comes to users trying to find out about their transactions. Now if you use wallet and you could argue that the servers administrators could know too much about you because you are using many services that run under their servers and that is totally true. So to mitigate this you could use other services together with for the things you love and leave those things that need privacy outside the reach of servers.

You should know that is own by Roger Ver and that will mean that many of the other services are also owned by the same person, that could mean a privacy reach but if you are concern with that just don't use those services. That being said I am not getting pay in any way or form for writing about and any opinions expressed in this article is my opinion and a review from a satisfied customer that is all.

I would also like to add that just because Roger Ver operates domine and many services using that name it doesn't mean it is an evil thing if nothing more he is just a businessman trying to reach new customers every day and that he is willing to try to catch their attention to his products and services, I don't remember that having a business that goes around crypto is a bad idea if nothing more he is doing a community service by providing what he is already doing.

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6 months ago
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It's my first time to hear that has other things like that.

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6 months ago

it is pretty much a family of services when it comes to and is all around cryptocurrencies, I think things like that should be imitated if you want to have a successful business. Just my random opinion.

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6 months ago