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Two decades of "being human": the realizations of my 20th

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6 months ago

8th of April:

A day of happiness. I should be, for that very day marks my existence. Two decades had passed since I am born and given the gift of life. Every single day helped me experience the stages of growing, loving, and living. Indeed, all these moments caused me to learn more that changed how I see life.

For today's blog, let us talk about my 20th — the changes and realizations it brought throughout.

Existence — Her Birth: a reason to exist

The best gift we had ever received is having life. Indeed, our birth is the reason why we exist: breath, live, and love.

It was a bright day. A month or two before her actual arrival, she came. A day that started her life and changed those whose around her.

We live in for a purpose. As we grow up, we realize the extent of our capabilities and so the reason why we are here. In several stages of our lives, we can fully understand why there are things that we had experienced, experiencing, and will experience.

This journey will set us, in sense, the quality of life — will help us learn what life is really supposed to be.


For some, this stage is the most meaningful. The innocence and simplicity of life are the reasons why everything seems perfect. Almost all of our 'firsts' had happened in this period. We got acquainted with the world — had friends and enjoyed life to how we see it.

My childhood is a bittersweet memory I hold to. I can clearly remember the first time I entered school, got friends, and eventually, learn to know ' who I am.'

There are fragments of my school days along with my precious play days. Anticipating what will happen to my life that had been a routine; looking forward to enjoying a time of childly pleasure that gave me delight during that period of my life.

During this time, I always look up to how the days will eventually pass. I always wait, wanting to grow up and do whatever I wanted to. Lately, I have realized that those times were the best.

Maybe that time wouldn't ever come back but for every encounter I had, it crucially helped me to learn and understand the emotions I once felt, and that made me human.


The most profound and interesting period of my being was adolescence. Yet, it was also a rough patch; a journey where I experienced a roller coaster of emotions I can't explicitly narrate.

I have undergone several, mostly, major changes in my life. Both my physical, mental and spiritual being was attested by the issues I confronted that had affected my intrapersonal and interpersonal self.

I got the chance to meet people who understand me. Also, for the first time, I learned what true friendship means. I have let others see a side of myself that I even barely knew.

All the struggles and pain I had to keep up during this period of my life made me stronger. It made me realize how people are constantly changing and why I should adapt to make my life to the fullest. This period made me understand others and myself more than ever that made me human.

Entering Adulthood

A woman had full-grown on their 18th. By that time, they are called "debutants," a socially highlighted word that sounds fancy on its own. However, being a woman that debuted or at its 18 means entering the world of adulthood.

This time made me free. I was able to make decisions on my own accord. Likewise, do things that I know can help me and those I love, as well as the others I never knew I could really help.

Though there are visible changes in this of my life, the most important thing that had really changed is my outlook and perspective — a clearer mindset that helped me correct the faults and mistakes I once had.

Now, I am in the process of change, acceptance, and accounting responsibility. Thus, being human, I experience how living really was.


I recently turned twenty. I am not yet in my prime years nor had already experienced the most life has to offer. With my twenty years of living, I realized how important the role of these life stages. It wasn't the best experience but those encounters made me a strong-willed person who is ready to show the world that she can.

In life, everything is a mix-&-match. Yes, our goals are a priority but then, we should also take note of what we really feel inside. Make yourself happy while building a life that you wanted. Definitely, it's alright to make mistakes and to feel unwell at times. Do not let your past haunt you. Thus, move forward meanwhile healing yourself, inside and out.

Now that I am in my twenties, I understood that life is a series of heartaches and happiness. Right now, I am enjoying the process — something that I didn't able to do before.

For every day that had come, be thankful. The love, support, and just anything that came to your life is a blessing that you should acknowledge. It was the best thing to make you feel connected with others.

"Being human" means sharing a part of yourself and being you. My two decades of existence made me learn how to adapt and share the real me.

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Written by   112
6 months ago
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This is a good one! Enjoy your 20’s! I’ve had a good one (i’ve just turned 30 this year). it is going to be the most exciting decade yet.

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3 months ago

Belated happy birthday po!!!!!

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6 months ago

thank you, king!

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6 months ago

Hello there Francesca. I am so far loving all of the different life stages I've been through. I'm a bit older than you at 33, but I feel 20 to be honest :p Just loved to be a kid, man wouldn't mind going back to it. Cheers

$ 0.03
6 months ago

Hello CryptoMax! I also love the fact that we undergo a series of different life stages and like you, how I wish that I can live a happy, childish life which makes me want to be a kid. Nonetheless, thanks for reading this article!

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6 months ago

Great motivation. Time passes so quickly we can't imagine. Happy belated birthday

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6 months ago

Welcome to adulthood! I am actually reminiscing the days when I was your age, I was a graduating student that time, thinking of what will be my future job after I graduate. Life is tough, but with God as our guide, nothing is impossible, I think the most kilig days is in the adolescent days and I agree, this stage has many emotions of which you cannot explain. Belated Happy Birthday!

$ 0.05
6 months ago

Thank you, Ms. MizLhaine!

Life is tough, indeed and we have these issues to face every time but things have their own purpose and God is there to guide us, empowering us to move forward.

Stay safe and God bless! :)

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6 months ago

I feel like you also narrated mostly my life experiences. The difference is, I am 21 right now. Adulthood is that stage where big changes have occurred to me. I have been in a point of pressure, regret, fears and many other emotions. But I also learned new things.

Adulting was not, and will never be easy. We just have to continue fighting until we overcome the days to come.

Cheers, my adult buddy!

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6 months ago

Hi! Thank you for reading my article.

I think, most of us at this age have the same thoughts about these "life" dilemmas we face each day. Likewise, I also feel those emotions, sometimes with unknown sources that made me wonder about life more than before. Well, it's all up to us, so let's continue to fight without a baffled heart. Enjoy life!

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6 months ago