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Fear Street: 1978 movie review

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3 months ago

Do you enjoy summer camps? Then now, think twice.

In the second installment of this Fear Street movie trilogy, expect a gory survival for life with a possessed camp counselor in a chase to kill kids and a pack of undead wanting to bury a secret deal with the devil. Starring Sadie Sink, Emily Rudd, Ryan Simpkins, McCabe Slye, and Ted Sutherland, this film will truly make you feel a real gush of thriller in this horror narrative.

Fear Street: 1978, a film

After being possessed, Sam was tied by her girlfriend Deena who asked for help with the 1978 Camp Nightwing massacre survivor, C. Bernmann. Deena and his brother Josh traveled to C. Bernman's house with the tied Sam on their car's trunk. Initially unwilling to help them, C. Bernmann then narrated her experience in the Camp Nightwing massacre.

In the tree where it was alleged that Sarah Fier was hanged, Shiela, a Sunnyvale camper along with her friends tied Ziggy Bernman, a Shadysider they've accused of stealing her belongings. Just before they are about to burn Ziggy, two camp counselors came up and intervened, saving her. Cindy, Ziggy's older sister along with her boyfriend Tommy Slater was cleaning the mess hall when an anxious-looking Nurse Lane came up and tried to stab the latter. She claims that he was about to die that night but she was arrested by the police. The people in the camp believe that Nurse Lane was also possessed by the infamous witch Sarah Fier, like her murderer daughter Ruby Lane.

Cindy began to investigate the infirmary along with her boyfriend Tommy. While in search of the answer to the nurse's action, they have encountered two other counselors, Cindy's former friend Alice and Arnie, her boyfriend. They found Nurse Lane's journal that tells about her findings of Shadyside's mystery and Sarah Fier's pact with the devil. There's also a map leading to the supposed witch's house.

Around the house, there are empty graves that were dug up by Nurse Lane. Upon searching the house, they found the witch's mark below it. Alice and her boyfriend saw a stone that has names of Shadyside killers along with Tommy Slater's name on it. Now possessed, Tommy killed Arnie with an ax while the girls run to escape. Meanwhile, at camp, Nick Goode helped Ziggy prank Shiela and lock her in the outhouse. With their successful payback, the two shared a kiss.

Tommy then reached the camp and murdered several other Shadyside campers. Using the witch's mark in the journal, Alice and Cindy tried to find an escape from the cave. The two saw a pile of beating organs that Alice touched, giving her a glimpse of Shadyside killers and their victims. While running mindlessly, Alice broke her leg. Cindy helped her and the two reconciled again. The two saw the cave's opening beneath the outhouse.

Ziggy ran back to the outhouse to save Shiela. They fought, causing Ziggy to punch Shiela and knock her unconscious. Ziggy and another counselor Gary tried to help Alice and Cindy to return to camp. However, Tommy showed up and beheaded Gary. Nick and Ziggy hid together but they were chased down by Tommy, injuring Nick. Ziggy then escaped, going to the mess hall. The rest of the campers left via bus, leaving them and Tommy in his killing spree.

Cindy found a path to the mess hall but the injured Alice chose to stay behind. Tommy chased Ziggy at the mess hall but Cindy appeared, killing him. Alice followed with Sarah Fier's hand on Cindy's bag that she dug on Satan's stone.

The three of them had decided to end the curse by reuniting both the hand and body like the nursery rhyme implies. However, when Ziggy touched the bones, she bled and saw a vision of the witch. This caused to trigger the curse with other Shadyside killers resurrected to kill them. Tommy then killed Alice with the ax, attacking Ziggy and Cindy but she was able to decapitate Tommy. Cindy and Ziggy tried to dig up the tree where Sarah Fier was hanged only to found out that the body wasn't there.

The Shadyside killers were hunting them down. Cindy realized that they were after Ziggy, causing her to drop Sarah Fier's hand's bone and sacrificed herself instead. The two are brutally murdered by the past killers then they have disappeared. Nick found them and performed CPR on Ziggy, reviving her back to life.

Coming back to 1994, Deena and Josh realized that C. Bernman is Ziggy. They told her about the body, convincing her that they can end the curse. C. Bernman then told them about the hand located at the tree in Camp Nightwing which was now Shadyside Mall. Both Deena and Josh dig out the hand from the tree. Deena reunited the buried body and hand, when her nose bled, she had a vision of herself as Sarah Fier in 1666.

Fear Street 1978, a review

Do you love retro aesthetics? This one is another film just for you!

As a second for a film trilogy event, the main plot was standalone. Since it's an R-rated film, expect that there are sexual and explicit scenes along the way but also, this film gave the feels. Being relatable with some problems the '94 kids had been facing, this film is surely a hit. Definitely, there are twists that makes this franchise a must-watch.

Considering a night of killings and more blood ahead, this film will make you want to hide and dislike a Summer Camp trip.

If you can't handle the '94, then do not watch this one.

#APPROVEDT ratings

Storyline: 4.5/5.0 #APPROVEDT likes

The first movie of this line-up has its horror-thriller feel with enough jumpscare and a lot of gory scenes to watch out but this one is a yielded film for the trilogy. Entirely stand-alone from the first movie, if you were to watch it, you will not feel lost with the story. It's worth noting that this second film in the line-up lived up the horror expectation a lot better.

Although it was more sexual and yes, a little bit more graphical, I think it was a different vibe which exceptionally pulled off the horror of the 70s along with a story like a nightmare for kids.

It is a horror film that will glue you on your screen and make you scream in awe and fear.

Cinematography: 4.0/5.0 #APPROVEDT likes

Apart from the 1994 nostalgic appeal, this one is a much more 70s s horror full of blood and gory shots.

I like how the camera angles are perfectly suited to the storytelling. Although there are some scenes that uninterestingly was too long, it still a fundamental part of unveiling the story.

The color (considering these are mostly shot in the night) are still visible. Of course, those 1978 vibes make me love it more! Definitely, the scenes will make you scream and anticipate more.

Acting: 4.0/5.0 #APPROVEDT likes

Yes, I am a retro-aesthetic fanatic but this one, along with their shirts and nostalgic nuances makes me love the characters more.

I like how these teenagers, sometimes angsty yet broken inside fight for their lives. Ziggy (Sadie Sink) and Tommy being that killer with a mask on, in the end, was a total shocker. They do look cool and I can really feel the emotions aside from just the thrill of being a slasher film.

The whole cast is just really great. There aren't big names for this film as well but they gave a great film to watch. For a 70s slasher-themed film, this one is really a great one!

Audience value: 4.5/5.0 #APPROVEDT likes

As a film in a trilogy, it lived up to its expectations. Beyond that straight characters, what I really feel that made this film different from the first one is how it retold a murder-killing spree with teenagers as its primary characters. It's a night of survival and it gave that chills with the same amount of action the 1994 film had.

Skip or Watch

It was gory, sometimes relatable, and truly a camp horror that will make you not want to enlist yourself in Summer camp again. For sure, a to-watch film to finish this trilogy film of the year!

Again, set in a timeline where slasher had its different appeal, it perfectly adopted the theme of 70s horror translate on the film. It's a sexy-banging film unlike the first one yet it's full of thrill and again, blood to look forward to.

Of course, with a twist at the end that will make you think what's next?

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Written by   114
3 months ago
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I still haven’t seen the other film haha but this is interesting

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3 months ago

Omy, I think you should watch the three in one go. Nonetheless, I hope you'll like it.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

I 'm not a lover of gory movies. But I like real-life forensic medicine cases. Unsolved crime stories do hold my attention a lot.

$ 0.02
3 months ago

Honestly, we have the same preferences! I do like true-crime docus more but then I think this movie is a great one to watch with a friend or a loved one when you feel you wanted something scary to watch.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Hello my beautiful Francesca, another great article, a great way to tell without giving any clue of this incredible film production, no doubt this second part was more action-packed, and the most curious thing is how they recreated just like that time, so controversial, so curious of the United States, some years that were plagued by serial killers, then recreate this more mystically, with witches, and returning dead, it was a great way to captivate and hook, without a doubt the characters were at the height, although yes, there were scenes of fillers without much sense, I like the narrative they used, as they made it possible that everything fit, that your mind began to seek possible answers to all those questions that left each scene, each situation, this trilogy made me fall in love and I hope they keep bringing out more movies, because I became a fan of it, thanks for guiding and enlightening all those who still do not dare to give a chance to this incredible trilogy.

$ 0.03
3 months ago

Aww, thanks for the appreciation! Well, you are right feels like this horror mystery movie gives back the time of serial killers in the US. Just realized that one actually.

Thank you for such a thought. I hope that there are more people who will try to watch this incredible trilogy, a real worth to watch film!

$ 0.00
3 months ago

Saved in my list!

$ 0.02
3 months ago

That's great! I hope you'll find this movie a watachable one!

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3 months ago