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Anticipation Vs Reality

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3 months ago

What is anticipation?
Anticipation is something like you hope that it must be happened positively.
Anticipation in simple words expectations are different from reality. Sometimes we expect a lot from others, but When time comes they make us realize that what the reality is.

Why I decided to write about anticipation and reality?
Today when I receive my parcel of online shopping, I think I have to write about expectations and reality. I bought some clutches and a bag because when I saw the images the bag and clutches were very awesome. I became excited and add these to my cart. Today when I receive my parcel I'm very excited but after opening it my happiness change in to sadness because wallet size is too small, and bag size is also not more attractive. Although quality is also average. This incident makes me realize that things look beautiful in expectations, but in reality it might be different. whenever I click some shorts we add filters, beauty and pics are totally change from reality.

image from pixabay

Sometimes I expect that some looks would be perfect for me ,but when I dressed up according to my expectations it looks different.
While writing this I have a smile on my face and maybe you too. Because after getting bad experience, I try it again and again.
Today, my head give me the order of taking an interview of job applicant. I call an applicant after knowing about their qualification. I really inspired but when I interviewed her she was totally against my expectations.

sometimes people used to live in the word of anticipation.

one of my close friend loved to read novels and every time when she read novels he start to live in the word of novels they expect a lot from her future life. we always try to understand her that come out from the novels world real life might be different prepare you mind for both situations. You life may be as you think about your future, but It may be different. Because she belong to backward family . They married their girls in early age, but she has a dream of becoming a doctor . Her family not support co-education. We were not want that her dreams break and, She feel so alone. and this happen when the time comes and she want to apply in university her family fixed his marriage , but she never lose hope and complete her education in simple subjects. she apply for private exams process but she is not a doctor.
Parents have too much expectations from their childrens but not all Childrens are similar to their expectations 100%. Sometimes people's behavior with us is so nice, and we expect a lot from them, and the moment comes they do something intentionally or unintentionally that you should not expect from them.
Not all the time expectations are different from reality.
Sometimes anticipation is worse than reality. We think that something happening to you is very bad for you, but in reality it proves to be good for you.
For example:-
             I'm very  possessive about making new friends because I think that I can't understand what people think about us, may be they are our well wisher or not. In my master part I me and one of my friend start going to college and the day when I was absent She made new friend. On the next day, I become worried about that we don't know which type of girl she is. But with the passage of time I realize that she was so nice and totally change from my expectations.

Sometimes we expect too much from others.
             Sometimes we made some extra expectations from others, but we didn't understand that the person from we expect a lot is not in condition to make us satisfied. This is the time when we need to understand his condition. And make him realize that whatever the condition is, we are always with you to support you.
             I want to give example like parents expect a lot from their child even  when he was  born, they used to say my child would be a future doctor and as the time proceed this feeling and expectations becomes more strong. But they can't understand that their  child doesn't Want to be a doctor or may be sometime his IQ level did not match for this profession. That is the time when parents need to support their child, not to force him to be a doctor. They can't realize that by force their child become rebellious, or may be depressed or sometimes they took some steps that are not good for them.
             Sometimes expectations are worse than the  reality, but sometimes reality is worse than expectations. We just need to understand that what the condition is and how to take yourself out of it.
             Thanks for reading.



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Written by   17
3 months ago
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Mostly anticipations are worse than reality . That's why I don't anticipate things .

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3 months ago

Not always anticipation is worse than the reality. My dear sometimes Anticipated world can makes you happy may be its for a short time but it makes you happy.

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3 months ago

What we think of ourselves should be thought of by others and that is a good thought

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3 months ago

most of the peoples has many expectations from us and sometimes we are not according to their expectation. we should not feel bad because we know why is this so what we think for our selves , have the same feeling for others may e they are not able to fulfil yours expectation. nice mariteen that is really the good thought.

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3 months ago