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pandemic depression again...

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1 year ago

We are in a time of uncertainty because we are still fighting with a virus and many of us suffer from depression, there are also some people who already experienced it but unaware that they are already suffering from it.

Depression is a very serious matter if we just ignore it, serious problems may arise. That's why it is very important that we immediately know the signs and take action to overcome them.

There is a lot of news who suffer from depression and end up in their lives some develop serious mental illness and have issues in their health. We must be very aware because it may save our lives and others.

There are five common signs that a person is suffering from depression.

1. Constant sadness-It is normal for us to be sad but if you feel it most of the time, it is a sign that you are depressed.

2.Constant fatigue- If we did a lot of work its either in our house or at work we might experience fatigue but if we feel it most of the time it is also a warning that we are in a process of depression.

3.Sleep problem -When you wake up in the middle of the night and you feel strange and can't sleep anymore or on the other hand you feel that you want to sleep more.

4.Health problem -Drastic weight loss/weight gain. most people who experienced depression lose their appetite and some eat more.

5. Addictions of all sources -People are more engaging with different vices and they get addicted to it.

Causes of depression

1.It can be biological, physical, hormonal. chemical. When a pandemic strikes in our country most of us stay at home, less physical connection to others, and going to different places that make our lives in balance and affect us. most of us are at home and no chance of getting enough sunlight that enhances serotonin and anti-stress hormone the possibility of depression may arise.

2.Present crisis-When somebody loses their job because of the pandemic, debts, everyday cost of living and their loved ones who passed away all of this may cause depression.

3.Unaddressed trauma when someone experienced trauma a long time ago and then something got refresh that moment.

4.Constant stress and burnout- In things that we make a lot of effort and suddenly others don't appreciate it and we might feel helpless.

5.Low self-worth- When you constantly hate yourself, you don't value yourself anymore it will cause it over a long time.

Actions to overcome depression

1.Get help from a friend or a psychiatrist, if we feel all the signs we must seek help from others and accept that we need help

2.Move daily -We need to do things we usually do, it is very important that our body must be in balance, exercise gets sweat will ease our suffering from depression. 3.Nourish yourself- We must be very aware of our health especially in this pandemic eat healthy foods and replenish it with plenty of water.

4. Connect with others it is very important that our communication with our loved ones will help us to overcome depression, their smile, thoughts with each other is very important.

5.Stay connected with people who are very optimistic in life and be grateful 90%of our lives is a blessing only 10 % of it is our problems. Thankfulness is the key that can help dispel depression. Think of some of the happiest people we know. You would notice that these people are also thankful people.

One year passed and you are still here be grateful enough to appreciate every smile that you have seen because others have no chance to see it again. We may not experience the things that we get used to but still, we are alive.

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Written by   49
1 year ago
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