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Ant bully a movie review

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11 months ago

I really love watching movies for kids because it had a lot of moral lesson that must be learn by the parents. When my children are watching movies i always find time to be with there side so can see if they learn something with that movie. We watch this ant bully and into my surprise i really love it.

It is a story of a boy that's been bullied by his neighbor who was big and he can't do anything because he know how small he is, that's why he showed his anger with this little ants in the garden watering them and he said you cant do anything because your small and I am big. from that moment i was alarm how bullying affect a child. and I enjoy every scene on how this ants or colony help each other to protect there kingdom. there was an ants who created spell to make big things small and it works the child become small and they carried the child in there kingdom and show him what is life to be small.The child admire how the colony help each other to have there foods build there kingdom and in one conversation the ants asked the child if the people around him do the same and he said no because they have there own life they are busy with theme selves.Then the ants said so sad here our strength is every one in the colony we have different roles as army and so on but we are one to help one other. The child learn his lesson and help the ants and never bother them again. He confronted the one who bullied him and he said that I am small but if we all the boys that his been bullying ,together we can do something to stop you.

Bullying is a serious matter that affect any one this movie showed that it is important that as a parent we must guide our children on how will they manage that situation because in the real life there is no ant that will give them lesso.

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