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Abundant mindset

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8 months ago

Do you want to live an abundant life?

If the answer is yes, I will share with you the steps to live an abundant life. The only way that you can live a life of abundance is by having an abundant mindset.

Two types of mindset

The scarcity mindset is being obsessed with things that you don't have for e.g. time or money, that you keep thinking of those things that you become stagnant that you lose hope to find a solution to those things that you don't have.

The abundance mindset is the one who thinks there are plenty of things out there. It is the mindset that you will not think that you only have a single cent in your pocket. You think that you have plenty of that to share with other people.

What kind of mindset do you have?

I must admit that an abundance mindset is the best for me, maybe sometimes scarcity pass through my mind but I tried my best not to focus on those things I don't have but to find a solution on how to get what I don't have and there are many ways to have it.

3 Statements of abundance

  1. I believe that there is plenty for everyone. There is always enough for everyone that's why you always have time to share what you have.

  2. I believe I'm surrounded by an ocean of blessings like when I wake up in the morning and see that I had my own room with my sons beside me unlike others plus millions of reasons to be thankful. There are a lot of problems in my life but I focus on the things that it is still a blessing in disguise because it made me strong and be thankful for every blessing that I had even in a small thing. I really hate my partner who always told me that he doesn't have money, then I asked him if he still has a single centavo and he said yes, so you see it is still money all we need to do is how to make that single one become enough for us.

  3. My life purpose is to be a blessing to others, the purpose of life is not to receive blessings but the purpose of life is to be a blessing to others. Many successful people share their blessings with others because abundance flow it is not stagnant. when abundance flows into your life; it is supposed to flow outward.

There are 5 steps to having an abundance mindset life that is very easy to follow.

  1. Focus on what you have, people with an abundance mindset focus on what they have and they feel rich those people who focus of they don't have always feel poor.

  1. Celebrate your uniqueness, we cannot focus on those things that we cannot do so we must celebrate things that we can do that others don't do like we excel in writing articles that inspire others in life, or whatever passions you choose to make.

  1. Do more what you love. I really love writing, expressing my thoughts through writings, and inspiring others like what others inspire me.

4 . See blessings everywhere, believe that everything that surrounds us is a blessing, in this pandemic we are blessed that we have our family with us, that we can still breathe the fresh air outside our house.

  1. Hangout with abundant thinkers, because when we are surrounded by people who are very positive in life appreciate things as a blessing we adopt that kind of view in life.

Abundance is our relationship with God if we can only think that He will make a way to provide all the things that we need in his time, everything flows in abundance.

This is eve be safe always and be a blessing to everyone.

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Written by   50
8 months ago
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