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Idea: SmartBCH Avatars NFT for Readcash and Noisecash

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4 months ago

Best way for any crypto to get attention in market is through the use case as they say. SmartBCH has been getting the attention but it's not sustainable.

I was checking Hive blockchain for last few months. And noticed that it has NFT usecases in many ways.

Take example of the Hivepunks. A lot of users have changed their hive avatars to that NFTs from the hivepunks. This is a perfect usecase for the hivepunks.

Besides that making the personal image avatars as an NFT would make the NFT have some value otherwise those NFTs are nothing but JPEGs with artificial value stamped on their head.

Let's take a look at one case study.

HivePunks Case Study

Hive is one of the innovative blockchain that always deploys something new to the chain. And when the NFT craze launched they had developers who worked on it too. They recently have this avatars NFT concept called Hive punks.

These small pixelated avatars are a good option to keep on the profile avatar when you don't want to make use of the real avatar images. And they can be pretty good income generating for the platforms too.

Apart from that imagine if external marketplace had access to the platform to push your NFT images. This would be good for both the NFT creators, platform and the blockchain too.

How about rented NFTs?

Imagine you are the image creator and want to use the sell or rent option for the NFT and something like this could give you a option to do just that.

You make the images seasonally and then put them up for sell or rent. And people pay the price to buy them on the rent. Which could make you money on their rent or sell as required.

As you can see from the tweet, this concept too is working. Imagine a lot of smartbch able to do just that.

I remember the concept was first launched by the cryptopunks and those avatars can be rented out. I know they are kind of more expensive than any avatars out there.

How to execute this idea?

Imagine you have multiple DEX and the NFT marketplace where the NFT can be bought and sold. You can make use of the NFTs to be API pushed as an avatar on platform like the noisecash and readcash.

This way they can have their own property being used in some sort of the use case and it's not out there in some wallet.

The use of the NFT is how it gets the value. IN some of the cases the NFT should have option to reuse or sale type and from the payment system connected.

This way the users can easily sell and earn the passive income out of their own NFTs. This may be a good option for the users, platform and the chain. This could lead to many possibilities.

Imagine for a cause you can use some image as an NFT and pay some rent for 1 month on the same and then remove the NFT after 1 month of usage for the cause.

Something like this is a good option to deploy on the avatars. So it can have some value as it gets noticed near the content. And people do watch the avatars. I hope that this way there is a use case for the NFTs.


Using image as NFTs usually is not much taken by the users as they don't see the use case for the purchase. However if the avatars are used on noisecash and readcash and connceted with the smartbch marketplace, this can be a good sale for both platform and the blockchain.

What do you thin? Is this idea worth implementing?

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Written by   91
4 months ago
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Fabulous idea with uniqueness and eye catching. Let see feed back from technical people that how it will be possible by connecting to our wallet or market place in lending.

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4 months ago