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Data intelligence technology contributes to new infrastructure 

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The construction of new infrastructure is an important issue for China's response to the global economic and social changes brought about by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. The key fulcrum of commanding heights. During the two sessions, "Strengthening the construction of new infrastructure" was also clearly included in the government work report for the first time, and as a key support object became an important measure that not only promotes consumer benefits and people's livelihood, but also adjusts the structural growth. "The new infrastructure is guided by new development concepts, driven by technological innovation, based on information networks, and oriented to high-quality development needs. It provides an infrastructure system that provides services such as digital transformation, intelligent upgrades, and integration innovation." Among them, data It is the core production factor of new infrastructure construction, and data intelligence technology will also play an important strategic role in the process of basic construction and application innovation of new infrastructure. Therefore, in order to promote the construction of new infrastructure, it is necessary to give full play to the "empowering" value of data intelligence technology.

The new infrastructure takes data as a key production factor, and data intelligence technology can enhance the level of data intelligence and fully release the value of data

Unlike traditional infrastructure construction, the new infrastructure construction has more content and focus on how to provide platforms, carriers for storage, sharing, and exchange of information. For example, traditional infrastructure mainly focuses on the construction and operation of highway and railway networks, while the current construction of new-type infrastructure focuses more on improving the application and value mining of the Internet and the Internet of Things. Among them, data, as a brand-new production factor, is running through the whole process of new-type infrastructure construction. It is the main focus of new-type infrastructure construction. It is also an emerging information technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, and blockchain. An indispensable basic resource for product application. Massive multi-source data resources are becoming a key link in supporting urban construction and development. Taking the integrated construction of smart cities as an example, the Pingshan Shenzhen Smart City project jointly created by Tencent Cloud and Mingluo Technology Group covers more than 3 billion pieces of data in various fields such as urban governance and services.

At the same time, it should also be considered that it is not enough to have a large amount of data resources, but also to make good use of the data and let the value of the data play out. In this process, the integration and innovation of intelligent technology is the key. Unlike general artificial intelligence, the key point of data intelligence technology is "data-based", which is based on a big data engine, the core technology is large-scale machine learning and deep learning, and the key function is to process, analyze and mine massive data The main value lies in extracting the value information contained in the data to form a data-driven intelligent application. Focusing on the construction of new infrastructure, as a fusion and intelligent technology with data as the core, data intelligent technology can realize the efficient allocation of data elements such as cities and industries, so as to realize the full play of the value of data, and thus enhance the data in the new infrastructure and the future The important role of the application. From the perspective of technology supply capacity, at present, Internet companies in my country such as Tencent, Alibaba, and Baidu, Mingluo Technology and other artificial intelligence leaders have strong technical reserves and integration and innovation capabilities in the field of data intelligence technology.

Data intelligence technology is an important engine of the new infrastructure, which can empower the new infrastructure in all directions and at multiple levels

The National Development and Reform Commission pointed out at the April conference that the new infrastructure is guided by new development concepts, driven by technological innovation, based on information networks, and oriented to high-quality development needs, providing digital transformation, intelligent upgrades, and integrated innovation. Service infrastructure system. Analysis shows that the value of data intelligence technology in the new infrastructure can be reflected in the following three aspects.

First, data intelligence technology improves the overall quality of information infrastructure construction. Conceptually, information infrastructure mainly refers to the infrastructure generated based on the evolution of a new generation of information technology, including communication network infrastructure represented by 5G, Internet of Things, industrial Internet, and satellite Internet. Artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and regional New technology infrastructure represented by blockchain, etc., and computing power infrastructure represented by data centers and intelligent computing centers. As a new generation of information technology innovation, data intelligence technology is an important basic technology for information infrastructure construction and a key technology for improving the level of information infrastructure construction. For example, as the main content of the new technology infrastructure, artificial intelligence mainly reflects the artificial intelligence service platform for industry applications, and data intelligence technology is its important foundation. The public security AI platform of Minglue Technology Group focuses on the synergy and complementarity of machine vision, multimodal perception technology and police force control methods, and uses entity semantic computing and knowledge reasoning to intelligently expand the criminal investigation ideas of human police officers in specific cases, and visualize the platform through the knowledge graph. Accelerate the collection of information and the expansion, deduction and judgment of clues. Another example is the integration and innovation of data intelligence technology, which can effectively improve the construction and application of industrial Internet. For example, Mingluo Technology Group through the knowledge graph-based solution, through the perceptual computing and related decision-making analysis system, thereby forming a more efficient industrial Internet intelligent service platform, helping industrial enterprises build from R & D design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance services And automated intelligent systems for the entire life cycle of management.

Second, data intelligence technology strengthens the integration of information infrastructure. At present, the scope of information infrastructure construction is constantly expanding, and the construction direction is more diverse, which not only provides a diverse platform for the collection, integration and utilization of various types of information, but also brings more challenges for the sharing and circulation of data resources. . And to make good use of the core elements of data resources, you must promote the integration of your information infrastructure. Data intelligence technology is an important component of the new technology information infrastructure. It can play a supporting role for other technical infrastructures, communication networks, and computing power infrastructure. It has become a "good helper" for the integration and application of information infrastructure. Its main value can be reflected in The following three aspects: First, provide high-value raw materials for computing power infrastructure such as data centers and intelligent computing centers. The second is to deeply integrate with artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technical infrastructure to create new formats, new industries and new services that meet the new needs of people's livelihood consumption upgrades. The third is to realize the key elements and bonds of communication network infrastructure such as the Internet of Things and industrial Internet. Based on data intelligence technology, it can realize cross-terminal and cross-platform intelligent data circulation, and use AI graphs and other intelligent technologies such as knowledge graphs to realize the integration and value mining of massive multi-source data to support various intelligent applications of the economy and society.

Third, data intelligence technology leads the intelligent upgrade of traditional infrastructure. In addition to information infrastructure, converged infrastructure is also an important component of the new infrastructure. It refers to the in-depth application of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to support the transformation and upgrading of traditional infrastructure, and then form a converged infrastructure, such as intelligent transportation infrastructure and smart energy infrastructure. In the construction of converged infrastructure, innovative solutions based on data intelligence technology can be formed to empower the digital transformation and intelligent upgrade of traditional infrastructure, and comprehensively improve the intelligent service level of all walks of life in society. For example, in the cooperation project of Shanghai Shentong Metro, Mingluo Technology Group developed and developed a rail transit operation and maintenance data map based on the rail transit data center, and based on this, formed an intelligent operation and maintenance solution to accelerate traffic information. The pace of intelligent infrastructure construction.

Four suggestions to promote the innovative application of data intelligence technology in new infrastructure

To sum up, data intelligence technology is an important “empowerment” technology for the new infrastructure, and it is expected to play an important role in many areas and links of the new infrastructure. In order to give full play to the application value of data intelligence technology, combined with my country's technological innovation, industrial development status and new infrastructure construction requirements, the following four suggestions are proposed: First, build a more complete supporting policy system. Further improve China's legal norms and policy measures in data validation, data management, data governance, etc. At the same time, based on the differentiated role of data intelligence technology in various infrastructure construction, formulate corresponding targeted support policies to guide the industry Efficient accumulation of resources. The second is to improve the innovation mechanism and constantly improve the innovation level and application mechanism of data intelligence technology. Establish a comprehensive multi-party innovation mechanism for production, teaching and research, and systematically promote joint research and application innovation of data intelligence technology. Facing the requirements of data intelligence technology fusion application, actively promote the construction of a complete integrated collaborative innovation platform. The third is to strengthen security guarantees and establish and improve a security system for intelligent data applications. Further deepen the application of data intelligence technology in the construction of a new infrastructure security system, and comprehensively improve the network security protection capabilities and confrontation level of the new infrastructure. Strengthen the security protection of infrastructure applications, and be vigilant and actively prevent the security threats and challenges brought by the application of data intelligence technology. The fourth is to cultivate application ecology and actively develop new data intelligence formats and new models. Improve the data circulation and communication network infrastructure, build a data intelligent management platform, improve the level of data sharing and openness, foster the formation of a multi-source integration data application model, and develop a new form of data intelligent application. Accelerate the construction of pilot projects, guide and support data intelligent enterprises to participate in major new infrastructure projects, and form a typical case of new type of infrastructure construction and application driven by data intelligent technology for key industries and key areas.

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