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Beautiful Sunday Morning

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5 months ago

It's Sunday!

Did you know that Sunday is actually a ‘Sun day’ or ‘Day of the sun’?

Hmmm.. Interesting!

The sun shines beautifully early this morning.

To make my myself active and healthy, I'm always taking a morning walk even just inside our backyard. It is one of my daily routines. If the weather is fine, I take a short walk around our compound.

I didn't hesitate to take some photos this lovely morning.

This is my favorite spot when I was taking some photos of the clouds. Look at these lovely cloud formations I've seen this morning. Isn't it beautiful?

The sun has risen and a new day is born. A new opportunity to make our works clearer and better.

The sunshine brings another hope in all of us. We have a new chance to correct our mistakes, to do and choose the right things and the right paths.

Mornings was not only for us humans, it is for the entire part of our planet, all the living and non-living things.

Don't hesitate to do a walk every morning, feel the cold breeze of the air, feel the new heat of the sun, see the beauty of the water droplets left on leaves, and how the fog coats our nature. It's beautiful.

It's so nice to wake up in this kind of mornings. It makes me grateful everyday for a new life and a new chance given by our Almighty.

A pleasant Sunday morning to each and everyone.

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Written by   269
5 months ago
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