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3 months ago
Topics: Life, Experiences, Reality, Health, Love, ...

Here i am again..just keep on trying.Hoping u all doing well.In my previous article there i stated where it all started.From stubborn one who change by an accident.

I woke up in room.I was surrounded by nurses,doctors.I dont see any of my friends.I keep on telling my self to stay calm even though i started to feel the pain.I can't feel my leg,i can't even control it.But the old lady whos beside my bed catches my attention.She's bleeding and shouting how hurt she is,but no one is going to assists her.trying to calm her down ,i call her "nanay" since she's older than me. "nay,what happened to you?who's youre doctor?Finally the old lady look at me,but she simply whispered " no one cares because i have no money ". I saw the sadness in her eyes.I want to ask more about her but someone push my bed.Nurse said im going to x-ray room.

Next thing is,i saw my mom crying while the doctor is explaining my x- result.But they stop when my mom noticed that im awake.Trying to atleast sit down but my leg is hanging.She wipe her tears and hug me while telling that everything will be fine.She explained that my right femur is broke and my leg is also broken must go under operation as soon as possible or else i can't walk anymore.But it cost a hundred thousand.

A lot of things runs trough my min.How can we provide that amount.My mom is single parent.We only owned a " sari-sari store.We dont have savings.I dont have work.Those questions make me start to feel weak and hopeless.Asking why happening this to me.Why theres a lot of thief,rapist,murderer out there,why me?Finding some one to blame.Praying that somehow the riders who hit me soon caught by the police.So,atleast they can help me on my operation.

Day passed and still we dont have the said amount.I only saw my mom when visiting hours,after that they only stay outside the hospital.Rain or shine they stay there among with the other family of different patient.Every time i ask mom,she simply smile and say " Mom is going to find a way,just be strong." Since that was all my fault,ending my life is the only thing i thought posibly be the best way.

Then i saw the nurses pushed another bed and said a new patient.I recognized the new patient is the old lady in emergency room.Fallowed by the old man carying a plastic bag with bread inside and a small bottle of water.I smiled and ask who she is and what happened.The man introduced him self as Tatay Ato and hes wife nanay Bering the patient.Their children already had a family on their own.They live in the province.Nanay Bering is 62 years old a street sweeper and tatay Ato is 68 years old a carpenter they work here in manila trying to help their grand children in the province,and one day nanay Bering fell on ground while cleaning the stairs,makes her right leg broked.She also need an operation too. ''We both grew up in a poor family,nobody will help us " said tatay Ato.I felt sad after what i've heard.Both of them supposed to be at home.Where do they get such a big mount.

In almost a week still my mom seeking for help,and yet not enough.I almost giving up.That night i really wanna end my life.When everyone is not arround and nanay Bering is sleeping, i used a scicor to cut my pulse.That was my plan.But while waiting for the right time i saw nanay Bering slowly un-tie her leg and put the rope in the frame of her bed,above her head.(the bed in ortho pedic is different from the usual bed of the hospital.Its like a big rectangle made of metal ang your broken leg is hanging.Quickly i call nanay Bering,i need to caught her attention.No one hear us because the nurse station is far from our bed and its late night.I keep on calling nanay Bering until she look at me,shes crying while telling. " this the only way.No one will help us and i dont want to stay here waiting for nothing." If i can't walk forever i'd rather be kill my self" she said.Im keep on explaining to nanay Bering that we need to hold on and we can make it.I also said that her husband doing hes best for her.That tatay Ato will be disapointed if he knew what nanay Bering is planing to do.That despite of their situation in life Tatay Ato still not giving up.Still tatay Ato buy nanay Bering's favorite bread for pasalubong.Gathering every helped he could get for your operation,because he dont wanna left alone.because he loves u.Finally nanay Bering let go of the rope.she seems calm.

Now whos talking.(i said to my self)and started to cry.There, i tell nanay Bering that i have the same plan,but because of what she does it makes me change my mind.It makes me realize the situation of my mom,who stay outside the hospital,but she never give up on me.Though we dont have enough money,still she can buy me my favorite pizza everyday.Then i saw nanay Bering is praying,i heard she is thankfull for me beacuse i'll stop her and sorry for she's trying to do.I pull my blanket and cover it all over my face and begun to cry,.

I woke up early because its sunday and nurses are going to do a half bath for all the patient.Almost lunch i saw my mom and tatay coming with the big smile in their faces.My mom told me that i had a schedule for the operation by tomorow so i must be prepared.In ortho pedic they usaully pray over the patient the night befor the operation.Then there i met father Rey.the hospital priest.He said let me out all the burdens i kept from my heart.This time i need to trust that God never put me in a situation that i cannot passed through.I dont say a word but keep on crying, i feel relieve.Before father Rey leave the room he hug me tight and whisperd " God is with u all the time "..

Trusting in GOD i set my mind that everything will be fine.Before i leave i heard that tatay Ato finally found a charity that will help nanay Bering for her operation.All things set,there i saw my mom and sister chearing me up.Telling that soon everything will fine,till i closed my eyes.

Did u guys believe in "astral body "?Its an intentional out of the body experience that assumes the existence of a soul or consciousness that seperate from the physical body and capable of travaling outside.Now i believe.I can't explain why,i thought im dead beacuse i saw im standing in front of emergency room.I saw my mom and my sister,im wearing the same coat i wear before the operation.But all of a sudden a red light keep on plushing to emergency door.I heard someone is calling for doctors in emergency room,and everyone is running rushed.I saw my mom started to cry as well as my sister."I need to go inside that room" (said to my self).Then there i saw my self lying in bed they trying their best to saved me.

I saw this nurse she keep on telling me to stay awake,"pls. open your eyes,wake up..wake up".I need to get back there but how?Dont know what shouldbi do.Then i pray then for somehow a deep breath came up,and im awaked.Im on my own body now.

I stay in the hospital for a month,i may be in a troma but i never fear for God is my side.I met many people not by accident but with a purposed.I learned that theres a lot of things to be thankful.The doctors,nurses and even the staff of the hospital whos be there for us in all time.the ojt's that help me to take a bath,cleaning and changing our bed cover everyday.The priest that continiuosly praying for our fast recovery,for the charity who help nanay Bering,for the one who help my mom financialy and for my family who never give up on me.Showing their everlasting love and care.And most of all he who never leave at my side.,☝ " GOD thank u for carrying me through all the hard times,and not leaving me alone.Thank u for allowing me change for good.thank you for the strenght and the love.I owe u my life oh lord.Amen

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Written by   9
3 months ago
Topics: Life, Experiences, Reality, Health, Love, ...
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