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From unknown city to very well known city

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1 week ago

Tagaytay is known for its cold climate and fresh air. Good food like "bulalo " and others delicacies.There where also fruits stand everywhere were you can buy fresh fruits and vagetables.Apart from the beautiful scenery that you can see here, there are also many places to visit.

Sky Ranch tagaytay

is a amusement park with many traditional rides for kids & adults, multiple restaurants & a gift shop.Lots of people here in sky ranch during holidays.Family and friends from manila and other places.

Picnic groove tagaytay

where you feel cold weather and viewing the splendid, panoramic view of Taal Volcano/Lake are better done at the Picnic Grove, one of the popular tourist destinations in Tagaytay City. With its built-in cottages and greenish, hilly surroundings, this recreational area is just perfect for picnic lovers as well as family gatherings and bonding of friends. 

Palace in the sky / peoples park

formerly known as the Palace in the Sky, is an incomplete mansion that was converted into an urban park. It is said that then First Lady Imelda Marcos ordered the mansion to be built to accommodate then U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s planned trip to the Philippines. But the construction stopped when the visit was canceled. Nevertheless, the unfinished business turned out to be a great attraction that you should include in your Tagaytay tourist spots itinerary.Theres still a lot of beautiful places that you can visit here in tagaytay.But everythings change and it all start when taal volcano erupt.All the stablishment was closed.No water no electricity.

I can imagine what it look like after the eruption.The beautiful places, turn into gray. Full of ashes everywhere.Many farmer are affected, not only them but all of us.But really God is good, we recieve a lot of help from other city and to other individuals, private charities and other group.

In almost a month we survive from taal eruption.With the help of our City goverment.After the clearing operation in all stablishment all over the city, they decide to reopen tagaytay for bussiness assual.

And theres comes the covid19.It all started in just one case here in tagaytay then fallowed by many.So for the safety protocols, all stablishment were closed, again.The city is very strick regarding to implementation of the protocols.We don't have choice but to fallow .No work no pay.Everyone of us striving to live while pandemic.Trying to have some food for their family.Lucky us, our city government provides food pack for every family.Weekly they distributed a 10kl of rice, groceries and other essentials.

And until then we all hope that everything will end as well.No matter how hard life is, we try to cope for the needs of our family. Just trust to God who made us all, that he never live us will all end as long as we have faith in him.

Stay healthy and safe everyone!

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Written by   9
1 week ago
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