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Learn Malaysian With Raisin Entertainment

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[#352] Date: 16th May, 2022

Recently, I have been spending lots of time on YouTube. One of my favorite channels is called Raisin Entertainment, a channel shared by a few guys trying to be YouTubers. Their slapstick comedy is very funny, but only if you know Malaysian. When I say Malaysian, it is not Malay and neither is it English. In fact, in everyday conversation, most of us speak in a mixture of languages and dialects IN one single sentence. That's the Malaysian language for you, or Manglish in short.

For those who are unfamiliar with Manglish, it is a mixture of Malay, English, Cantonese, Hokkien, and Tamil. It's perfectly all right to speak a full sentence using all these languages and dialects and the next person is highly likely to understand what you mean.

Watching this most "local" channel doesn't only give one the opportunity to pick up the slang, one can also learn about cultural nuances that only people who have lived in the country would "get".

Perhaps some may say that we share many similarities with Singaporeans but it's not exactly true. There are many differences as well, as you can watch from this video. By the way, Singaporeans use more Hokkien in their daily conversation compared to Malaysians, who use more Malay and English mix.

One of the characters on this channel is a guy acting like a woman by putting on a wig. When I shared this channel with @stevea68 he actually got duped into thinking that the actor was really a woman. I don't think I woman will go around with her hair in such a mess. Haha!! Of course, the more videos one watches, the easier it is to spot the fake woman, even if one has difficulty differentiating the Asians!

Besides picking up the Malaysian lingo and learning about cultural nuances, one can also understand the many racial differences as well as similarities among Malaysians, where we live in a multi-cultural and multi-racial country, all living in harmony despite our varied backgrounds, upbringing, and beliefs.

Even as a Malaysian and already knowing all of this local stuff, I still find the channel extremely amusing and laugh out loud at their creative content. In fact, Raisin Entertainment is only one of few channels that can make me finish watching advertisements without clicking away, because content creators do not advertise products in traditional methods but in very entertaining means.

They put in so much effort in their scripting and production that they really should be paid more. The least we fans can do is to finish watching the ads, and hope that our watch minutes can help them leverage their position as a popular channel. The other two channels that are clever with product advertising are standup comedians, Douglas Lim and Dr. Jason Leong.

Along with Nigel Ng aka Uncle Roger, these four are my current favorite Malaysian YouTube channels. Ronny Chieng is Malaysian too, but he doesn't really have a dedicated YouTube channel, just content on YouTube, on other channels. 

While some people head to Youtube to gain new knowledge and learn about stuff, I head over to YouTube whenever I want some silly comedy to cheer me up. It's either silly comedy or animal videos. I'm just an airhead like that. Haha!!

So, are you game to watch Raisin Entertainment YouTube channel and learn some Malaysian? If there is something that you need clarification on, feel free to drop me your questions here!

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Written by   316
1 month ago
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Some Malaysian words are similar to some dialects in our country 😆

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1 month ago

Haha I know Hay naku... which is "aiyo" in Malaysian.

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1 month ago