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Giving Someone A Hand Doesn't Cost Us Anything

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[#353] Date: 17th May, 2022

Last night, I listened to this Jackie Chan interview that lasted for almost 1.5 hours. I have always loved reading biographies and autobiographies but thanks to videos and audiobooks, I no longer have to read but listen. Spare my tired eyes, please. Teehee!

Who doesn't know Jackie Chan? He's the biggest martial arts actor not only in the East but he managed to break through Hollywood, too. Basically, he's a global action star that transcends age, gender, background, and geographical location.

How many people know his upbringing, though? For people who are not keen to learn about the life and times of personalities, they wouldn't know how Jackie suffered at the hands of his Sifu, who trained him in martial arts and instilled discipline into him from 7 until 17 years old. Yet, even with his strong work ethic, he wouldn't be the star that he is today IF not for the break that he was given, acting alongside Bruce Lee even when he was merely a junior stuntman at the time.

It was in the 1970s and Jackie wasn't the only junior stuntman. There was a large group, all trying to get the attention of the big stars, producers, and directors, and it was surely a long, hard climb up for Jackie too, before he was noticed. Therefore, today, as a big name himself, he never fails to give those people whom he comes across and deems able, a hand or stepping stone so that they can achieve bigger things in their life, too.

Despite the lengthy video, one of the greatest takeaways from this Jackie Chan interview at Sydney Opera House five years ago is that, if we have the ability, go ahead and give the people around us a helping hand. Many people have it in them to perform but they do not have the chance to show what they can do, or the connections that would notice and further open doors of opportunity for them.

Whether it's Paying it Forward or just Paying It, why not help others out when we can, especially if the gesture doesn't cost us anything? In life, not everything is about money. Sure, we can all do with more moolah, but connections are just as important, so why not link people up and be the connector of two parts? Life is hard enough for all of us, it goes without saying that we all need that break in whatever we are pursuing.

Even if we are unable to assist, or unwilling to help, there is no need to step on someone else, just to climb up ourselves or to eliminate the perceived competition.

Throughout my life, I have been very fortunate to meet older people who are established in their businesses or careers who have lent me a helping hand, to share their contacts with me that would aid me in my work. I am very lucky that these people have taken me under their wings, and took me on as their mentee, without any condition but merely to see me make good in life. 

Thanks to all these favors received, it is my second nature to link up my contacts so that they can network and forge ties among themselves and work something out that could raise the portfolios of both parties. Their successes bring me joy and I take delight in seeing something bear fruit because I vouch for both of them through my introduction. Again, it doesn't cost me anything but a slight bit of my time, so why not? 

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Written by   316
1 month ago
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This is why helping is also a good way to give back to the community and to share your blessings. Sometimes it's not about the money, but being reading to lend your hand when somebody needs it the most.

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1 month ago

So true. Not everyone needs money at their time of need.

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1 month ago