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FOODlog #103: Whole Ayam Percik

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3 months ago

Last Saturday on my way home from practice I stopped by 'Baker's Cottage' to get their roasted chicken which was going on an offer of 2 whole birds for RM30 (+-6.7 USD). Every now and then they'll have this offer running which is a really good value for money deal.

Baker's Cottage

They used to only have 2 flavors which are black pepper and barbecue. I think they just released the new flavor which is 'percik' flavor and also why they are having this offer for people to try this new option out.

'Percik' is a Malaysian blend of spices of lemongrass, ginger, garlic, chili, turmeric, and some other spices that gives it a really nice aroma and flavor.

So with this new flavor I got 1 chicken that was 'percik' flavor and the other one was barbecue which I got for my kids.

Whole 'Ayam Percik'

The 'percik' was quite nice although it wasn't those thick kind of coating like the ones from 'Ayamas' (another brand that does whole roasted chicken). It wasn't great but wasn't bad either. It did taste good and slightly spicy.

They also give a couple of packets of their garlic chili sauce which pairs really well with the chicken. It has the consistency of ketchup and is spicy and has a lot of the garlic flavor which I really like.

Garlic Chili Sauce

Definitely a good deal and I got to have this for 2 meals for 2 adults and 2 children which is a real steal and a great value for money offer.

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Written by   10
3 months ago
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