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What is Ampleforth & How does it Work

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4 months ago

Ampleforth is a crypto currency token based on the Ethereum blockchain, its an ERC-20 token. Its is not diluted just like any other crypto currency on the market.

What Makes it unique?

It is uniqueness from any other crypto currency in the sense that it is a rebase based crypto and its supply adjust automatically either in a positive or negative direction depending with the current price. As a result of negative rebase or positive rebase, holders will have a certain portion of the token supply not a fixed number of token like what happens with other cryptos.

What is Negative Rebase?

As i just said there is negative rebase in the Ampleforth and it works like this: The current target price of Ampleforth is $1.04 so for this price to be reached out it means there is supposed to be less supply so as to create a huge demand so that the price will rise. So since the price is below the targeted price and trading below $0.96 negative rebase will be applied and the number of tokens in supply will reduce and in your wallets aswel.

You might have bought 100AMPL and if there is negative rebase your balance will be decreasing on daily basis and don't be surprised to see your balance at maybe 85AMPL. Once the targeted price is reached, then the negative rebase will stop. Check the picture below and see how negative rebase works.

What is Positive Rebase?

Then there is positive rebase and it works like this: Our target price is $1.04 and if the price is trading above this level then positive rebase will be put into effect. The supply will will be increasing on daily basis so as your wallet balance aswel, if you had bought 100AMPL then you might end up with 125AMPL. So far the current circulating supply is 193,842,716.49 AMPL out of maximum supply of 395,345,189 AMPL. I attached a picture below which shows how positive rebase works.

There is a bright future on Ampleforth and if the price keeps on rising then your balances will keep on increasing and this will force investors to jump into the Ampleforth cruise ship as this will make them fortune in a few years to come. So watch out for this ethereum based token.

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Written by   30
4 months ago
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