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Covid-19 Vaccines and How they relate to Economy

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6 months ago
Topics: Health, COVID, Economy, Vaccines, Vaccines, ...

When there was Covid outbreak in China the majority never thought this is going to be a world pandemic. When it started spreading to European countries some officials from African countries were now saying it was God punishing the whites and some claimed because Chinese eat dogs and some other unusual animals that's why there was covid? Some believe is a virus created out of the labs for some reasons.

Whats could be the reason for this Pandemic?

Revenue Honestly speaking no one really knows what transpired, but lets assume that is was truly created by scientist what would they want to benefit from this? The motive might be to make billions of dollars form selling vaccines. For a scientist to make money from vaccines its obvious there should a virus e.g in the computer and software world you can not create an antivirus, sell it and make money.You should create a virus and spread it then you provide the solution in form of antivirus then the equitation is complete.

So the same could have happened with covid because with the global population of more than 7.9 billion, imagine if everyone is forced to get 2 to 3 jabs of vaccine how many vaccines will be created from the labs? How many vaccines will be sold to different countries and how much revenue is generated? We have so many companies making vaccines and they are pocketing a lot from this pandemic.

Population Control Some might say the reason for this pandemic is to reduce the global population which is growing on daily basis resulting is high levels of unemployment. If we are to look at this with the employment perspective we can say it has affected negatively because now companies are shutting down and people losing jobs which is increasing the high numbers of unemployment.

How Badly this pandemic Contributed to the Economy?

It has damaged the day to day operation of business because now businesses are no longer operating at full capacity do to limitation of trading hours. Some countries closed their boarders and this has affected the import and export which will reduce the GDP of countries. The health sector is the only sector which will boost in this current situations because their share will surge on the stock market.

How safe are the vaccines?

Recently Dr Robert Malone the mRNA vaccine inventor had his Twitter account suspended for saying the vaccines are not safe for children. So this action will have people thinking  "Why would they suspend a Virologist account for expressing some information about the vaccine, this will leave people with a lot of questions.

People has different perspective on this because some people are refusing to take the vaccines saying they are not safe since they are not trusting the outbreak of this pandemic so as the vaccines. Some are taking the vaccines and experience nothing but some are having some negative effect after taking this so we would say its 50/50.

The ones who took the jabs are waiting for the unvaccinated to catch the virus and the unvaccinated are waiting to see the vaccinated suffer from the jab so its two sided.

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Written by   33
6 months ago
Topics: Health, COVID, Economy, Vaccines, Vaccines, ...
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