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We don't always have to be productive

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3 weeks ago

I would like to share some of the information I gained from the personal development book that I got from the library the other day. I will have personal development articles like this from time to time.

We all go through times like this from time to time, don't we? Tiredness, weariness, maybe the fashionable "burnout syndrome" of the times is the name we experience… Isn't that very normal? After all, isn't it difficult for all of us, all of humanity? The pandemic that has been affecting the world for more than a year, natural disasters caused by the destruction of our nature, seeing our world approaching the end a little more every day, children, women, young people, innocent people who die for no reason...

So what about our problems? Just because we think about the problems of the world, we can't think about our own problems and pains, we can't be sad. We could not even experience our own joys. When did we get out of the world's disasters where we could share a ridiculous video or a song we love on social media just because we wanted to?

Frankly, all I want to do is travel, read books, take pictures and have a good time with my friends, and enjoy the summer, which is my favorite season. Do you think these requests are selfish when there is so much happening in the world?

For example, I started watching the Friends series again a few weeks ago. There must be something strange here if I'm re-watching a TV show where I know almost all the lines of season 10 by heart just to waste my time while there is so much work to be done at home. It's my way of showing that I don't want to step out of my comfort zone, maybe it's me, who knows.

A mess, a lethargy, a boredom came into my life. It is almost as if I live only the pleasant aspects of life, and when it comes to the real responsibilities of life (many things can be listed from small examples such as tidying the house to big examples such as world problems).

For example, I have to write, one of the things I enjoy most in my life is “I have to do”. Fortunately, I have a website where I can publish my articles and I have a responsibility to them, at least that's how I feel. But for me, it's a responsibility, maybe that's why I can't do it.

I can't think of the subject. However, people like me who have a passion for writing always have a topic in mind, believe me. But I have a completely unproductive period in my remaining time, maybe because I have a responsibility, maybe because of the arrival of summer, maybe because of the opening of places in our country and the freedom of being able to go out months later, maybe because I run to the sea on weekends, and because I spend my evenings eating and drinking. I am living right now.

However, don't you think that a person's ideas, thoughts, dreams do not increase in such a period? I guess not everyone is like that. As a result, for a while, I felt as if I had no contribution to life other than myself. I was angry with myself for that, but frankly, I wasn't even taking a step to fix this situation. Even though I was too burdened, I almost refused to take any action related to it. As you can see, again a state of indifference…

Last week, my psychologist (yes, I'm in therapy and I recommend anyone who has the opportunity to get it) sweetly told me that I shouldn't be too hard on myself, and I agreed. I've had hard times, of course. Just because I'm in a good mood right now and I have a comfortable life, all my movements weren't going to be perfect. If I was going through an unproductive period, of course, I should have lived it to the fullest, without further ado.

Many of you have gone through similar times. It wasn't my first, and I know it won't be the last. Because life is quite difficult despite all its beauties. And please know that it is different for everyone. If you see someone doing something wrong, even though it is not malicious, think about the reason and talk to him before judging.

My aim in today's article was to say, no matter what you experience in life, no matter what emotion you are in, do not forget that it is all temporary. As long as we do not harm others, we have the right to be lazy, unhappy or asocial. The important thing is to remember that we only need a little time for this and that we should not prolong this time.

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Written by   4
3 weeks ago
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