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5 Effective Ways to Cope with Uncertainties in Your Life

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2 months ago

Which stops do we stop by during the day? Where does our mind spend most of its time? In the regrets of the past or in the uncertainty of the future? I think we realize that many things have changed, especially ourselves, with the effect of this very long period we have been through. Sometimes we feel left behind and sometimes we feel stuck in uncertain situations. However, in a life of endless possibilities, calling unknown situations simply negative reduces our way of thinking to a very limited state and reduces our ability to deal with them from the very beginning. I would like to share the 5 most effective ways to deal with uncertainties in all areas of our lives.

1. Look to see the big picture

What does your situation tell you? Find out what message you're sending. If you collect enough information, what you do with the current situation and how you react will determine your whole life stance. So seeing the big picture will prevent you from encountering the same situation again.

2. Be flexible

Life is like running water. It flows constantly. For this reason, instead of clinging to what you know to be true, be open to innovations and newcomers. Just as life is changing, we are also in a constant state of change. Every situation and every person has a specific mission and duration in our life. At least making room for those who come, being able to say goodbye to those who leave will automatically reduce the gray areas in our lives.

3. Get rid of the limbic brain

The part of our brain called the limbic system, also known as the emotional brain, approaches uncertainty with fear in order to protect us. However, when you get rid of emotions, you can look at events through the logic filter that we call rational thinking. Ask yourself how much of the panic you felt when you consciously first encountered uncertainty was real. This question form will help you approach things more rationally.

4. Make use of positive thinking

Uncertainty always includes negative possibilities, but also positive possibilities. When you don't know exactly how an event is going, focus on opportunities instead of focusing on worst-case scenarios. Even though the habits we call our comfort zone cause us to be suspicious of everything new, remember that wherever there is a crisis, there is always an opportunity. Focus on seeing the opportunity in every uncertainty.

5. Try to accept situations that you cannot control

In the face of events that you cannot intervene in life, sometimes all you need is to surrender to the divine flow. Even though you can't see it at the moment, everything is in order within itself. What we call chaos is actually a rhythm. That's why accepting the rhythm as it is, instead of being disturbed by the rhythm, makes us more receptive to situations we don't know. The flow of life in the same direction with us begins exactly with this acceptance.

To summarize, the uncertainties that we encounter in many areas of our lives can not always be the harbinger of danger, but also sometimes new opportunities. As we broaden our perspective and begin to manage uncertainties, we will see that a life full of endless possibilities awaits us.

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Written by   4
2 months ago
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